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How to Repair Your Credit After Divorce

One of the more practical concerns many people face after a divorce is their credit score. Between marital debt, financing a household on one income, and establishing new credit in your own name, divorcees should pay close attention to their credit standing. The higher your credit score is, the simpler it will be to rent […]

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Divorce and Adoption

Divorce is a reality for many families, and sadly, adoptive families are not immune. Although the process to determine child custody is relatively the same for all families, adoptive parents often face the additional stress of wondering how the divorce will affect their adopted children, who may have already experienced the loss of their original […]

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Child Custody and Relocation

When married couples with children decide to divorce, their children’s wellbeing should be their top priority. Living arrangements can be tricky, with the children going back and forth to spend time with each parent. This can turn into a very different and more challenging situation when the children are underage, and the custodial parent wants […]

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How to File for Divorce with a Missing Spouse

To file for divorce, the plaintiff spouse must file a petition against the defendant spouse. The plaintiff spouse must also give the defendant spouse “service of notice,” which is notice of the case filing. To achieve this, the attorney of the plaintiff, or a neutral third party, will hand deliver or mail a copy of […]

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Mutual Consent Divorce for Parents

The Maryland Senate has passed a bill allowing parents with young children to file for mutual consent divorce. As of 2015, the law entitled only childless couples or those with adult children to bypass a one-year separation before divorcing. However, this right is now extended to couples with young children, providing there is a mutual, […]

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Grandparents’ Guide to Custody

There are many reasons why grandparents try to gain custody of their grandchildren. Those that do seek custody may have been told by their own son or daughter that they are no longer welcome in their grandchildren’s lives. Perhaps the grandchildren have moved far away with a divorced spouse, making visitation impossible. Other grandparents might […]

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Divorce and the Family Business

Divorce is never simple. When a marriage ends, couples navigate uncharted territory deciding where both spouses will live, when both parents will see the children, and how assets will be divided. Adding a family business into the mix makes divorce even more complicated. A business takes just as much time, dedication, and effort to build […]

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Child Support for Step Children

The duty to financially support a child will always belong to the biological parents. Due to this fact, the income of a step-parent is not factored in when calculating the child support obligation of the non-custodial parent. However, the courts do recognize that step-parents have a relationship with their step-children. With more and more families […]

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