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Tips for a Safe Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle riding is very popular and can be a fun and exciting activity. However, with riding come risks. The best possible outcome for a rider is to avoid ever being in an accident. The best way to maximize that outcome is to practice safe motorcycle riding. It takes a combination of balance, coordination, and good […]

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Who Pays for Summer Camp?

For many children, summer means attending sports clinics, drama camps, and other specialty programs during the day. When the school year ends, families with school-aged children often use summer camp as an alternative to traditional childcare. In cases of divorce or unmarried parents, determining which parent will pay for these activities is an important concern. […]

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Co-Parenting in the Summer

For divorced parents, co-parenting in the summer months can be a challenge. Planning family vacations, special events, and childcare needs during this busy time of year can lead to stress, especially when blended families try to coordinate schedules. Communication is essential to managing parenting plans for the summer months. Start Planning Early Parents who start […]

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College Financial Aid Forms and Tuition for Divorced Parents – Who is Responsible?

Everyone knows about the skyrocketing cost of college tuition. So for divorcing couples with children, there may be questions about who is responsible for supporting a college-aged child’s education and who should complete financial aid applications. It is important to realize that Maryland Courts have ruled that a parent is not required by law to […]

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Wrongful Death Laws in Maryland

Family members of those who died due to someone else’s negligence may be eligible to collect damages in a wrongful death claim. In Maryland, there are two types of wrongful death claims. In general, these may only be filed by primary or secondary beneficiaries. Beneficiaries who are successful in Maryland wrongful death claim/survival actions may […]

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Home Buyers May Terminate Contract Based on Home Inspection

Contingencies in real estate purchase agreements allow purchasers of homes to terminate the contract based on whether the transaction meets the contingency. A contingency allows the buyer to make the sale contingent on having the condition met. One such contingency is a home inspection. Other contingencies include an appraisal contingency and financial contingency. Home Inspection […]

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What is Non-Judicial Foreclosure?

Many U.S. states require judicial foreclosures, where a lender must go through the court system to initiate foreclosure proceedings if a borrower violates the terms of their mortgage contract. In most states, these judicial foreclosures require the court to enter a judgment just like in any other type of case. In other states, such as […]

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Adopting Stepchildren

Being a stepparent to a spouse’s child can be one of the most rewarding parts of a person’s life. In many cases, a stepparent develops a bond so strong, they wish to formally adopt that child as their own. Understanding the unique issues involved in stepparent adoptions can help families make an informed decision on […]

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