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Treating Medical Problems Caused by Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can result in abuse that lands victims in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. Victims of domestic violence can also experience long term health problems such as chronic pain, depression, diabetes, frequent headaches, and asthma. Consequently, victims of domestic violence have higher health costs than the average person. Many women who visit their doctor […]

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The Facebook Divorce

Social media has changed the way we relate to the world around us, as it offers immediate access into the lives of others. This accessibility can be wonderful for loved ones separated by distance, and keep us connected with former school friends and coworkers. Yet there is a dark side to Facebook and other popular […]

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Marriage Age Requirements in Maryland

Marriage comes with shared privileges and responsibilities for spouses such as caring for each other and their children, filing joint taxes, and owning marital property. Each state has laws regarding requirements that must be met to legally take on the privileges and responsibilities of marriage. Maryland has specific legal age, consent, and capacity requirements for […]

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When a Spouse Hides Money

All divorcing couples are legally required to fully disclose all assets, income, and debt. Yet, when the point comes for spouses to distribute assets in a divorce, one spouse may discover there is much less to divide than they thought. Some spouses find a way to hide assets and avoid handing over more than they […]

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Emotional Stages of Divorce

Divorce has far-reaching and often misunderstood effects on every member of the family. It often impacts the family physically, psychologically, financially, and emotionally. Psychologists have identified six emotional stages couples experience as their relationship comes to an end. Understanding this process helps divorcing spouses and their divorce lawyers navigate divorce more smoothly and encourage a […]

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Parental Abandonment and Child Custody

Even in the most amicable situations, divorce can be difficult for the children. When one parent severs the relationship with their child financially, emotionally, or physically, it is even more painful. Extreme cases of parental desertion are sometimes considered abandonment under the law. Most importantly, parental abandonment changes the way child custody matters are resolved. […]

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Rights of a Misidentified Surrogate Child

The increase of non-traditional families over the last few decades has led to a plethora of complex cases involving the rights of biological parents, surrogates, donors, and nonbiological third parties. One recent case involved a surrogate who became pregnant with her own child while carrying the child of Chinese donor parents. It created confusion regarding […]

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Maryland Bill Helps Parents Afford College

A proposed bill could help children of divorced parents afford college by allowing them to receive additional financial support. The University of Maryland’s student branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has endorsed the bill, which is entering its third session in the Judicial Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates. The bill […]

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