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Hunt Valley Divorce Lawyers

Attorneys with the Knowledge to Give You Peace of Mind

Our Hunt Valley divorce lawyers have handled all aspects of divorce, from the complicated nature of child custody issues to more straight-forward prenuptial agreements that both parties have already agreed upon. At Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC, we know every divorce is different and treat each client with the respect their unique situation deserves. Our attorneys work to achieve agreeable solutions even with added stress, such as ongoing domestic issues.

Our lawyers have the sensitivity to know how to support clients, but also the legal background to ensure those clients are taken care of and fought for in or out of the courtroom no matter how complex the divorce process may become.

During the divorce process, our Hunt Valley divorce lawyers cover all aspects of the divorce process including:

Mediation during Divorce

Not every divorce needs to end up in a courtroom. For some couples, the most agreeable terms for each spouse can be reached without going before a judge via mediation. Once the divorce is taken to a judge, solutions will be reached in accordance with the most applicable law rather than what will work best for the two separating spouses.

Gary Miles has training and experience in working with clients to achieve a successful conclusion through mediation of the issues. Mr. Miles encourages an early start to the mediation process to see if the issues can be resolved by agreement, as soon as possible, to save the client money and stress. Moreover, Attorney Miles looks at the interests of his client and reviews all the facts involved in hopes to reach a fair and reasonable compromise. However, if or when mediation is no longer an option, our divorce lawyers in Hunt Valley have the experience to bring a divorce to litigation in a courtroom with our client’s interests and rights in mind, and can ensure our clients are well-protected.

Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC: Hunt Valley Divorce Lawyers with Clients in Mind

Just as no two families or marriages are the same, divorce processes vary from case to case. At Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC, our Hunt Valley divorce lawyers take the time to consider the unique circumstances of your case and balance your primary issues while creating a legal strategy. Rather than following one “no fail” solution, our attorneys know each client deserves sensitive, thought out representation that works to best serve them. If you are looking to move forward in your divorce, contact us online or call us at 443-589-0150 today to arrange a free consultation.

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