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Pregnancy and Divorce

Couples going through a divorce are amid one of life’s most stressful episodes. When there is a pregnancy involved, the emotions and tension are amplified. When a baby is on the way, an already difficult situation becomes even more complicated. During a typical divorce, emotions run high as each decision and agreement are legally formalized. […]

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Property Disputes

Even neighbors on the best of terms can run into problems when it comes to property improvements and border issues. Trees, fences, and noise are all potential issues that may need legal clarification to reach an agreement suitable to all parties involved. Fences In Maryland, there is no specific state ruling that deals with fences. […]

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Understanding De Facto Parental Rights

Families in the United States are unique and diverse. Between blended families, same-sex couples, and single-parent households, the typical family is not quite so typical anymore. In July 2016, the Maryland Court of Appeals recognized individuals who, though they may not be biological or adoptive, still have the same rights and responsibilities as caregivers. De […]

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Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce is a cumbersome process, but one area that few people think to address is estate planning. During the marital years, many spouses have wills drawn up, retirement accounts and insurance beneficiaries named, and assets designated to children and relatives. To ensure that your final wishes are carried out, it is necessary to re-evaluate these […]

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Realistic Expectations for Families Post-Divorce

According to recent estimates, between 42 to 46 percent of marriages end in divorce. That leaves many parents left to navigate the confusing and often tense journey of co-parenting. With couples like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin consciously uncoupling and incorporating each other’s new partners into the family, other couples may wonder if such peaceful […]

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Importance of Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Amazon CEO and billionaire, Jeff Bezos, recently announced on Twitter that he and his wife are getting a divorce. With no prenuptial agreement in place, Bezos stands to lose a significant portion of his fortune, estimated at $136 billion. This case highlights the importance of prenuptial agreements for couples who plan to get married and […]

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Selling a Home When Divorcing

Putting up their marital home on the market is not something a newly married couple thinks about when making the purchase. Yet, this happens frequently when partners divorce and can no longer live together. Although it can be stressful on many levels, understanding what is at stake and proceeding thoughtfully can make the process easier. […]

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Child Custody Schedules

It may seem ironic, but parents who are go-getters and professionally in high-demand may be at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody. In fact, mothers and fathers who work non-traditional hours may find it challenging to come to a custody agreement on how often they see their children. For this reason, hiring a […]

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Who Gains the Timeshare in a Divorce?

Divorce negotiations can become heated during property settlement decisions. Family homes, vacations homes, cars, boats, and other tangible property must be divided among the couple, causing emotions to run high. One of the more recent issues is who will gain the timeshare that was purchased during the marriage. Many young couples agree to invest in […]

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