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Towson Mediation Lawyers

We Assist Clients with Mediation and Arbitration

When a couple decides to legally end their marriage without the stress and financial burden of litigation, there are options available that can minimize the time, costs and risk to both individuals involved. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) not only allows you to be an active participant in deciding how your legal issues will be resolved, but it helps avoid some of the uncertainty and emotional strain that comes with a contested trail. In addition, this method typically costs significantly less that a trial. The two main forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution are mediation and arbitration.


In the mediation process, a neutral third party listens to each party’s claims in an effort to resolve the issues of your divorce. The role of the mediator is not to make decisions for you but to help you and your spouse come to a mutually satisfying resolution. There are two main types of mediation:

  • Directive Mediation: After listening to each party’s claims and defenses, the mediator will recommend a settlement based on his or her opinion of the facts provided by both parties.
  • Facilitative Mediation: The mediator’s role as facilitator is to encourage both parties to reach their own conclusion as to what their settlement should be based on each of their goals.

Mediation is one of the most common types of divorce negotiation used in divorce cases. The process can be very successful for most couples due to its wide range of benefits.

  • Considerably less expensive than a trial or series of hearings.
  • Most mediations successfully resolve all issues in the divorce.
  • All discussions that take place during mediation sessions are confidential.
  • Allows you to come to your own resolution based on your specific situation, rather than having a settlement imposed upon you that is rigid and impersonal.
  • You control the process rather than the court.
  • Often helps to improve the communication process between you and your spouse, helping you to resolve conflicts in a more productive way.


In the arbitration process, both parties consent to allow the case to be handled by one or more arbitrators. In a private dispute resolution, both parties must abide by the final judgment of the arbitrator. As with a mediation process, arbitration can save a significant amount of money in legal fees and all discussion details are confidential. Once a verdict has been reached in arbitration, there are limited appeal rights.

Choosing the Right Mediator or Arbitrator

Whether you are interested in pursuing mediation or arbitration, it is important to do your research. Find someone who is experienced with the legal system, particularly family and divorce law, and has a full understanding of the valuation of claims. Considering the personal nature of a divorce case, you want someone who is empathetic and has the ability to be impartial while listening to both sides.

Qualities of a Skilled Mediator/Arbitrator

Ideally, your mediator/arbitrator should possess as many of the following qualities as possible in order to help you reach the best outcome in your divorce settlement:

  • Ability to maintain neutrality throughout the proceedings.
  • Sensitivity to each party’s needs.
  • Inspired confidence in his/her ability to be impartial and trustworthy.
  • Ability to understand and analyze the key issues that both parties bring to the table and present meaningful suggestions to move the discussions forward.

Our mediation lawyers can help you work through a wide range of issues that tend to come up during the divorce process. Whether you are seeking mediation or arbitration, our skilled attorneys can help you work towards resolution on the following issues, including:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Contracts
  • Health insurance
  • Property disputes
  • Damages

Towson Mediation Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Provide Experienced Mediation and Arbitration Services for Couples Facing Divorce

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce and would like to avoid the stress, financial burden and exposure that comes with a trial, contact Towson mediation lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC. We will help you address all of your concerns and work closely with you to determine the settlement option that meets your goals. Our offices are conveniently located in Towson, Pikesville and Hunt Valley, Maryland. We represent clients throughout Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County, as well as residents of Towson, Bel Air, Columbia, Westminster and Essex.

To schedule a confidential consultation, call us today at 443-589-0150 or contact us online.

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