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Towson Child Visitation Lawyers

We Assist with Parenting Plans and Child Visitation Schedules

Divorce marks not only the end of a marriage but also the beginning of a new and oftentimes unexpected future. When a failed marriage involves parents, the adjustment can be particularly painful for the family as a whole. This is because both parties must accept that they will no longer enjoy unfettered and unlimited access to their children. Some parents may be reduced to seeing their child just a fraction of the time they have become accustomed to, while other spouses who have been awarded primary physical custody are required to forego certain holidays and weekends which would otherwise have been spent together.

Whenever possible, estranged spouses who will not share equal custody should attempt to resolve their differences regarding child visitation amicably, according to Towson child visitation lawyers. With the assistance of counsel, parents can submit an agreed-upon child visitation schedule to a court for final approval. By leaving decisions about child visitation to a judge, however, parents introduce an element of uncertainty to what is already an uncomfortably uncertain situation. Moreover, because parents know their children best, they are better positioned to understand what arrangement will be most beneficial to their child.

Creating a Child Visitation Schedule in Maryland

Courts will closely review a proposed visitation schedule – even one which has already been agreed upon by both parties – to ensure that the agreement is not only fair but also in the best interests of a child. Some events and circumstances every visitation schedule should address are:

  • Holidays
  • Birthdays, for both parent and child
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School vacations, including winter, spring and summer break
  • After-school care

Frequently, a successful visitation schedule will divide attendance or participation at such events as equally as possible. Holidays can be alternated on an annual basis. Provisions are usually for birthdays, and father’s and mother’s day. Moreover, parents should be as detailed as possible when outlining responsibility for unforeseen circumstances, such as when a child is sent home sick from school or when an extracurricular event has been canceled.

If a visitation schedule cannot be agreed on by both parents, courts will look to the best interests of the child while assessing visitation rights for a parent who does not have primary custody. Generally, the preferences of children over the age of 16 will receive consideration by a judge. Moreover, visitation rights in Maryland can be denied to a parent who has previously been deemed unfit, who has a history of being neglectful of or abusive with their child or who has been convicted of domestic violence.

When children grow older or if parents remarry, the question of child visitation may need to be revisited. As when the original agreement was reached, however, former spouses and their Towson child visitation lawyers should work in tandem to craft a new child visitation schedule that all sides find acceptable. Once the terms are formalized in writing, they become enforceable.

Towson Child Visitation Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Provide Compassionate, Qualified Counsel

Divorce is difficult for adults, but even more so for children. Towson child visitation lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC work diligently to craft child visitation agreements that meet the needs of our clients. We provide representation in family law matters throughout Baltimore County, Harford County, Carroll County and Howard County, including Towson, Essex, Columbia and Bel Air.

To discuss your child visitation concerns or any other matter related to your divorce, call us today to schedule your free confidential consultation. We can be reached at 443-589-0150 or contact us online.

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