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Towson Real Estate Lawyers

Real Estate Litigation

When you are involved in a property dispute, the stakes are high. In Maryland, you are not legally required to be represented by a lawyer at every transaction, but hiring an experienced real estate lawyer can save you money, time, and grief in the long process that is real estate litigation. A skilled real estate lawyer can ensure that the property you want to buy can be sold, and that no prior owners will come claiming that they still own it. A lawyer can also advise you regarding your optimal mortgage options. Furthermore, having a lawyer look over your contract can ensure that it is sound in all measures.

Some key terms to familiarize yourself with when selling or purchasing real estate include:

Closing: The meeting where ownership of property is transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Foreclosure: If the owner fails to pay back the mortgage, this is the process by which the lender takes control of a house.

Mortgage: A loan that covers the price of a piece of property. Generally, when you take out a mortgage, you give the bank a stake in the property as collateral on the loan.

Title: A document describing the official owner of the land.

At Huesman, Jones & Miles, we handle the full spectrum of real estate litigation issues which oftentimes present themselves as diverse and complex. Our lawyers have a successful track record of handling the following areas:

Real Estate Litigation


Borrowers may stop making payments on their mortgage for many reasons, such as the loss of a job, onset of disability, divorce, or excessive debt. While unfortunate, when a foreclosure occurs, a lender must respond quickly in order to protect their interests. We have extensive experience assisting our clients with all aspects of foreclosures. We also see to it that foreclosure cases are filed and prosecuted successfully leading to a foreclosure auction. We can also obtain deficiency judgments after a foreclosure has been completed if the mortgage lender is still owed money.

Landlord/Tenant Issues

Property owners are nearly certain to run into problems with a tenant at one point or another. Much of this unnecessary conflict can be avoided by drafting solid leases and rental agreements from the outset. We have represented landlords, and bring a thorough understanding of the latest developments in property law to the table. We also assist clients in Homeowners Association (HOA) disputes.

Mechanic’s Liens

A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in real estate for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials to improve the property. We assist contractors in enforcing mechanic’s liens, and provide assistance to property owners in minimizing the threat that a lien would have on completion of a project.

Title Disputes

Title disputes are disagreements over who owns a particular piece of property and the precise area the titled property covers. Although better record-keeping has resulted in these disputes becoming less common, issues can still arise. We assist clients with adverse possession, partition proceedings, easements, property line assessments, quiet title, trespassing, sale in lieu of partition, fraudulent conveyance and other issues relating to title.

Breach of Contract for Real Estate Sales

For most people, the largest investment they ever make is in their home. We assist purchasers and sellers if there is a dispute related to a contract where one of the parties refuses or is unable to go to settlement on the property.

Disputes Relating to Brokers and Agents

Prospective buyers and sellers of property usually hire a real estate agent to help guide them through the process. While most real estate agents are honest and competent, there are many that are not. We are able to help buyers and sellers of houses get compensation when they have not had honest or competent representation by their agent.

Our experienced real estate lawyers also represent clients involved in:

  • Construction disputes
  • Eminent domain and condemnation
  • Evictions
  • Collection and bankruptcy
  • Loan restructuring

Towson Real Estate Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Represent Clients in All Facets of Real Estate Litigation

If you are contemplating a real estate transaction, or are involved in a real estate dispute, the experienced Towson real estate lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC can help you achieve your goals. Our trusted team has developed an extensive network of contacts in real estate throughout the region. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to all inquiries. Our clients are always our top priority.

With offices located in Hunt Valley, Pikesville, and Towson, Maryland, we assist clients with their real estate transactions and disputes throughout Baltimore County, Harford County, Carroll County and Howard County, including Towson, Essex, Columbia, and Bel Air. Call us today to schedule a free consultation at 443-589-0150, or fill out our convenient online contact form.

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