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Collections in Maryland

Attorneys helping Individuals and Businesses Collect Consumer Debts

Unpaid debts can be a tremendous drain on the personal finances of individuals and the cash flow of a business. Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC has a demonstrated ability to help people and small businesses and banks collect on outstanding debts. Our Towson collection attorneys take a measured approach to collections, beginning with a notice of our intent and swiftly proceeding to an aggressive stance if your debtors remain non-compliant.

Our firm also provides banks and other lenders with collection services related to foreclosure and bankruptcy, and we assist businesses with commercial collections.

Collecting Debts for Individuals

Pursuing collection can be awkward when you make a personal loan to a friend. Our attorneys recognize the sensitive nature of such matters, and we know how to recover the debt while minimizing the stress on your personal relationship with the debtor. We help you get paid back in situations such as:

  • A personal loan to a friend with a pay-back agreement
  • Temporary use of your property with the expectation of rent payment
  • Investment in a start-up with promise of return
  • Skilled services provided with a guarantee of future payment
  • Home improvement contractors who have failed to deliver on contracted improvements

Individual agreements are especially challenging if the arrangement was not formally drawn up or was not documented at all. However, our lawyers have the finesse needed to successfully collect on any type of debt agreement.

Consumer Debt Collection for Businesses

Many businesses struggle to stay afloat because their consumers frequently fail to pay their bills. Our experienced collections lawyers take a firm stance, demanding payment and taking legal action to recover your past-due balances. We handle consumer collections cases involving the:

  • Repossession of automobiles
  • Payment of past-due loans
  • Collection of credit card debt
  • Payment for services rendered

When consumers are unresponsive to our initial demands, our attorneys proceed with formal collections procedures including the garnishment of wages and bank accounts.

Recover your Outstanding Balance with the help of our Persistent Collection Lawyers

The efficient collection of consumer debts is critical to the success of your business. Collections lawyers in Maryland at Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC shoulders the burden and gets your past-due accounts paid. Contact us online or call us at 443-589-0150. We handle most consumer collection cases on a contingency basis.

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