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Should I Delay Divorce Until After the Holidays?

Couples divorce for a variety of reasons. Some involve inflammatory acts, such as financial irresponsibility, drug abuse, and the like. Other reasons are less intense, such as drifting apart and no longer feeling the closeness that a good marriage provides. It can be hard to think critically when deciding on next steps.

If you decided to get a divorce, and the holiday season is just around the corner, does it make sense to set the process of divorce in motion? There are many factors to consider and each situation is different. Considering the following issues may help you decide whether to act now or wait until after the holidays.

Are You in Danger?

There is a big difference between being emotionally upset and being subject to domestic violence. If you are worried about your physical wellbeing due to domestic violence and/or your mental state due to gaslighting, then addressing the threat should override other concerns. Seek support from family and friends.  Consider reaching out to social services and law enforcement for help and protection. 

How Certain are You?

When the decision of divorce is in the grey area, then acting too soon can have catastrophic consequences. If you have not tried counseling, discussed the issues thoroughly with your spouse, or have any lack of clarity of whether you want a divorce, then it is best to wait. Sometimes clarity comes with time.  Waiting until after the holidays can allow you to determine what you need and how to achieve it. 

Do You Have Children?

Those considering divorce who have children need to contemplate the challenges a divorce will pose to their children. An announcement of divorce and the subsequent actions taken to achieve it are disruptive at any time. However, during the holidays, the disruption can be amplified. 

An announcement of a divorce will likely redirect attention away from the celebration. If celebrating with extended family, this announcement could create a spectacle that is more overwhelming than supportive. It would also redirect attention away from the children. Choosing a less impactful time of year to begin a divorce also eliminates the chance of reliving upsetting memories during future holiday celebrations. 

Get Your Records in Order

Divorce is a financial dissolution. Paperwork needed to be compiled to establish marital property, any need for alimony, and decisions on child support. End-of-year statements of salary are a convenient starting point for preparing for divorce. Doing more advance work on sorting out financial information now will make the ultimate divorce process easier.

A Fresh Start

Getting through the holidays when you decided to get a divorce can be difficult. However, it might make the most sense to get your documents and thoughts in order. In many circumstances, it is best to wait until the new year to begin taking steps toward your new life. 

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