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Holiday Gift Ideas for Divorced Families

Towson divorce lawyers offer tips for gift giving within divorced families.It is that time of year to start searching for the perfect presents for the special people in our lives. Some of our loved ones are a bit easier to shop for than others. What about the families who have gone through a divorce? Should you buy a gift for your ex-spouse? The following are a few suggestions to help you tackle your gift list:

Duplicate Gifts for the Children

Children of divorce often travel between both parents’ homes and lots of things can get lost in the shuffle. Depending on your budget, anything from phone chargers to alarm clocks, and even gaming systems for each parent’s home are a great idea. Overnight bags and suitcases are another option for helping kids stay organized as they share time with both parents. Gifts to personalize both of their bedrooms are another good choice. If your child has a special stuffed animal, toy, or blanket they find hard to part with, buy another one for your ex-spouse’s house.

Presents for Your Ex-Spouse from the Children

While you have parted ways with your ex-spouse, your children have not. Encourage generosity and gratitude by helping your children pick a special present for their other parent. Collaborate with them to choose a gift that is both affordable and meaningful. Creative gifts like custom photo books and handmade crafts, or practical ideas like slippers or pajamas are great gifts for children to give their parents.

Working with your kids to choose, wrap, and deliver their gift teaches the children about important gestures of kindness and appreciation that they will carry into adulthood. You are also showing them that even though their parents are no longer married, you still support their relationship with your ex-spouse.

Giving Gifts to the Former In-Laws

This one is a bit more complicated. For many couples, divorce cuts the ties between a spouse and their in-laws. Yet, some divorced parents want to maintain those bonds. If you are still close to your ex-spouse’s parents, consider getting them a small gift to acknowledge their love and support throughout the year. A plant, a box of cookies, or a nice bottle of wine and a handwritten card show them they still have a place in this new chapter of your life.

Deciding If You Should Buy for Your Ex-Spouse

Every divorce is unique. Some couples find it possible to remain lifelong friends after their divorce. If you want to get your ex-spouse a gift, stick to something simple and impersonal, like something you would buy a friend. A gift card to their favorite restaurant or tickets to a sporting event are gestures of respect and goodwill for a person that was and may still be an important part of your life. If you and your ex-spouse are not particularly friendly, that is one less person you will buy for this holiday season.

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