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Co-Parenting During the Holidays

Baltimore County child custody lawyers help clients with holiday co-parenting arrangements.The holiday season can be stressful when a couple divorces, especially when children are involved. Child custody arrangements made at the time the divorce is finalized often take holidays into consideration, but special events and changes in plans can disrupt even the most carefully planned child custody agreements.

With careful planning and cooperation, divorced parents can work together to ensure that everyone has a happy holiday season. The following are some suggestions that may help:

  • Be willing to make compromises to accommodate special events that are scheduled beyond your control. Visitors from out of town, school plays and concerts, and special family occasions can require a change in custody plans. Be flexible and work with your parent partner amicably to ensure that the children benefit from all special events.
  • Rescheduling the holidays is another possibility to making sure both parents and families enjoy special celebrations. If one parent has relatives that will only be in town on the day of the holiday, perhaps the other parent can schedule their family festivities the day before or the day after the traditional holiday. Children will adapt to whatever day you decide to celebrate.
  • If parents live close to each other, it may work if both agree to split up the day. One parent may prefer to be with their children in the morning for a special breakfast, while the other agrees to dinner with their child. The children get to spend the holiday with both parents without feeling torn between one and the other.
  • Designating specific holidays for each parent can take all the stress out of the season. If one parent agrees to have their children on Thanksgiving each year, the other parent can look forward to having Christmas or Hanukkah with their child. Traditions are easy to establish with this plan, and children will know exactly what to expect each year.
  • Alternating holidays each year is another option. If one parent takes Thanksgiving one year, the other parent can plan on having their child the next year. Children will become accustomed to the pattern, and each parent gets the chance to spend the holidays with their children.

Cooperation and Compromise

Parents that can work together amicably and focus on what is best for their children have the most successful relationships. Divorce does not have to be a constant battle. Accepting the end of the marriage does not mean that you cannot work together as parents. The children are the real winners when the adults act maturely and rationally.

It can be difficult to remain amicable if one parent holds resentment and anger toward the other. The holidays can become a battleground for those seeking revenge. It is important to remain cooperative in this situation, making sure that the children involved in the relationship do not feel like they must choose between their parents.

Baltimore County Child Custody Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Help Clients with Holiday Arrangements

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