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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Understanding the Mediation Process

By now many people have heard that mediation is an effective alternative to traditional divorce. But still, most don’t understand the process and exactly how it works. In a mediated divorce, parties must be willing to make a collaborative effort in order to resolve disputes as smoothly and amicably as possible. Through meetings with a neutral mediator, they work through and ultimately decide on the various terms of the divorce.

Listed below are some of the steps involved in the mediation process:

Opening statement. Once both parties are present, the mediator will give an opening statement. This statement is commonly used to restate the mediator’s neutrality, list the protocol for the day and address some of the key issues in the divorce.

The spouses’ statement. After the opening statement, each spouse can share his or her side of the story without interruption. This is meant to give the mediator an idea of some of the issues, as well as the underlying emotions of the divorce.

Brainstorming solutions. A mediator will discuss ways for the problems of the divorce to be solved, usually starting with the less contentious issues and working towards the more difficult issues in the divorce. Mediators may meet privately with each spouse and/or in joint sessions.

Putting it in writing. The terms of the divorce settlement are written and signed by both parties. This document can be reviewed by an attorney before it is signed.

Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC:  Towson Divorce Lawyers offer Experienced Mediation Services

The mediation process can vary slightly according to the style of the particular mediator, but one objective is always kept in mind: reaching a settlement that both parties agree to and can live with. If you are considering mediation as an option, contact an experienced Towson mediation lawyer today at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC for a free consultation. Call us at 443-589-0150 or contact us online.

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