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Real Estate

Can I Sue My Home Builder for Construction Defects?

Construction defects occur when there are problems with home due to a fault of the builder. In general, any condition that causes the value of a home to diminish due to poor construction may be considered a construction defect. Construction defects commonly occur when the builder of a home uses inferior construction materials. Sometimes, the […]

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Nuisance Complaints and HOAs

One of the most common Home Owners Association (HOA) issues involves nuisance complaints. Typically, a neighbor will bring action, alleging that certain activities or conditions constitute a public or private nuisance. If the HOA does not act quickly to enforce the nuisance provisions in their governing documents, the court may grant injunctive relief to correct […]

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Home Buyers May Terminate Contract Based on Home Inspection

Contingencies in real estate purchase agreements allow purchasers of homes to terminate the contract based on whether the transaction meets the contingency. A contingency allows the buyer to make the sale contingent on having the condition met. One such contingency is a home inspection. Other contingencies include an appraisal contingency and financial contingency. Home Inspection […]

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Property Disputes

Even neighbors on the best of terms can run into problems when it comes to property improvements and border issues. Trees, fences, and noise are all potential issues that may need legal clarification to reach an agreement suitable to all parties involved. Fences In Maryland, there is no specific state ruling that deals with fences. […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Divorce or Bankruptcy First?

Many Americans unfortunately find themselves facing the prospects of divorce and bankruptcy at the same time. Knowing which to file first can affect your livelihood for better or worse. Filing strategically can also potentially save you a lot of money. Consider the following factors when deciding when to file for bankruptcy and divorce. Deciding when […]

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Towson Divorce Lawyers Discuss High Asset Divorce

Divorces that involve a substantial amount of property and assets can be difficult to settle. For couples with a portfolio of assets totaling millions of dollars, there are many things to consider. Even break-ups that start out relatively amicably can quickly become contentious when substantial assets are involved or the couple is engaged in an […]

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Towson Family Law Lawyers: A Family Dispute With a Successful Result

We have had a number of cases recently involving disputes among family members concerning the distribution of the family estate. Those kinds of disputes are unfortunate, and we always endeavor to resolve them quietly, confidentially and in an amicable fashion, such as through mediation or a settlement meeting. Unfortunately, sometimes a case in court is […]

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