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Parenting Plans

Co-Parenting in the Summer

For divorced parents, co-parenting in the summer months can be a challenge. Planning family vacations, special events, and childcare needs during this busy time of year can lead to stress, especially when blended families try to coordinate schedules. Communication is essential to managing parenting plans for the summer months. Start Planning Early Parents who start […]

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Unique Child Visitation Schedules

The alternating weekend visitation schedule is a time-honored tradition. Many courts still give this standard schedule to parents who are unable to agree on a more suitable visitation schedule, though shared custody is becoming more and more popular. However, courts will typically accept visitation schedules created by parents if they are in the best interests […]

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Children and Snow Days 

Living in the Mid-Atlantic, children throughout the state of Maryland are usually lucky enough to have a few snow days during the winter months. While these unexpected days off from school are a delight to children of all ages, they can be frustrating for working parents who must make last-minute arrangements when their children are […]

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Thanksgiving After Divorce

For couples fresh off a divorce, those first holidays can be especially painful. As Thanksgiving approaches, many newly-divorced people may be filled with feelings of loss and sadness. However, you can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving during this time of transition. The following are some tips to help you enjoy this special day and all […]

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Halloween Co-Parenting

As Halloween quickly approaches, children are picking out costumes and making plans for a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating. Nothing can spoil a child’s excitement for a holiday like the fighting between ex-spouses over where and with whom a special day like Halloween will be spent. Although ensuring both parents can spend time with their child […]

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Co-Parenting College-Bound Children

As children of divorced parents transition into the college years, co-parenting changes significantly. Children over the age of 18 have more ownership over their own time and how and when they want to spend it. The question is, what should divorced parents know about co-parenting their college student, and how can they make these young […]

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Types of Child Custody

Maryland is one of 49 states that have adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, which makes jurisdictional laws over child custody decisions the same throughout the country. Parents who are unable to agree on a custody arrangement will typically attend a court hearing to create an agreement. Maryland family courts consider all […]

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Co-Parenting in the Summer Months

The summer season often brings changes in child custody arrangements as children enjoy their summer breaks from school, attend summer camps, and take vacations. While the school year is typically marked by set schedules and regular activities, a child’s summer schedule may have more free time and unstructured days. Determining how to fill those days […]

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