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Family Law

Lawyers at Huesman, Jones and Miles share a blog on various legal matters including family law.

If my Ex Files for Bankruptcy, Will I Still Get Alimony?

In the United States, divorcing couples settle important financial decisions impacting their family through mediation or in court. The division of assets, alimony, and support are determined before the divorce is final. So, what happens when one spouse’s financial situation changes drastically and they decide to file for bankruptcy? Surprisingly, bankruptcy may not have a […]

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Back to School Co-Parenting

Any transition in life can be challenging to go through, especially for kids. As the end of summer approaches, divorced parents can work together to minimize the stress their children may experience when going back to school. Co-parenting effectively through this time helps children to feel supported and more comfortable with the changes that are […]

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Domestic Violence Affecting My Work

Domestic violence is a major public health concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one in five women and one in seven men report having been the victim of severe physical violence from an intimate partner. Additionally, the Department of Labor estimates that domestic violence results in approximately eight million […]

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Divorce and Insurance

There are many issues to consider when a couple divorces, including division of assets, child custody, and alimony. Less often mentioned is insurance of all types. Insurance is almost always a joint expense, but will need to be carried individually after or sometimes even during the divorce. As you go through this stressful period of […]

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Child Custody and Substance Abuse

Primarily, family courts in Maryland consider the best interests of the child when establishing custody arrangements. To ensure that the arrangements are in the child’s best interest, courts consider several factors such as the health of each parent and their ability to care for the child. Substance abuse may affect a parent’s chances of gaining […]

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Overview of Alimony

Alimony, or spousal support, is a court-enforced agreement awarded by a judge in divorce proceedings to financially support a lesser-earning spouse during and after a divorce. Either spouse can sue for alimony at any point before their divorce is finalized. Alimony payments are intended to sustain the receiver during the divorce process and for a […]

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