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Family Law

Lawyers at Huesman, Jones and Miles share a blog on various legal matters including family law.

Who Gains the Timeshare in a Divorce?

Divorce negotiations can become heated during property settlement decisions. Family homes, vacations homes, cars, boats, and other tangible property must be divided among the couple, causing emotions to run high. One of the more recent issues is who will gain the timeshare that was purchased during the marriage. Many young couples agree to invest in […]

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Non-Parental Custody

Non-parental custody, sometimes also referred to as third-party custody, refers to granting custody of a minor child to someone other than the parents of the child. It is usually given only in extreme cases when the child’s biological parents have either passed away, have been deemed unfit to parent, or have fostered a parental relationship […]

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Life as a Single, Divorced Mother

Close to 50 percent of marriages in this country lead to divorce, and there are more single mothers with children than ever before. Even though this is a common life situation, society may still have some catching up to do. Single, divorced mothers can find it hard to juggle their children, school, work, finances, and […]

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Social Media Impacts Divorce and Custody Cases

Most people keep their cell phones within reaching distance, and post on social media without thinking too carefully. It can be a very risky habit; sharing pictures, personal information, and other details is often done without considering possible aftereffects. As the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms grow, a new field opened […]

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Past Due Child Support and Inheritances

Although child support payment orders are determined during divorce proceedings, later circumstances can affect how they are carried out. The parents’ obligations are normally based on their income, assets, the amount of time spent with the children, and how many children are involved. Other factors taken into consideration include the children’s medical expenses and health […]

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Child Support Taxes

According to state laws, all divorced parents are financially responsible for their children for specified periods of time. Even if one parent is not involved with the child’s life, they must still support them. The parent that the child lives with is the custodial parent, and the other is the non-custodial parent. In most cases, […]

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Divorce and the Holidays

When a marriage ends at what some consider to be the happiest time of year, it can be hard for everyone involved. However, you can survive the holidays and your divorce with a healthy coping strategy and support from the ones you love. The following are some tips for enjoying the holidays while you are […]

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