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Estate Planning

Maryland family law firm provides useful and relevant information including topics related to estate planning.

Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce is a cumbersome process, but one area that few people think to address is estate planning. During the marital years, many spouses have wills drawn up, retirement accounts and insurance beneficiaries named, and assets designated to children and relatives. To ensure that your final wishes are carried out, it is necessary to re-evaluate these […]

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Family Disputes After Death

The death of a loved one can bring a family together as different generations look back on memories and lean on each other for support. Yet for some families, a death can have the opposite effect. A family member’s passing can bring long-standing resentments to the surface, causing family disputes that are not easily resolved. […]

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Medical Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a document that enables a designated person or people to make decisions for you if you should become incapacitated.  Without such a document, state law will apply to determine who has the power to make medical decisions for you. For example, this power may be given to your legal spouse, […]

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How to Challenge a Will

The loss of a loved one is always painful. Some people may also be shocked or saddened to learn they have been excluded from their family member’s will. The omission can be accidental or intentional. In some cases, a third party may have influenced their loved one’s decisions about the division of their estate. If […]

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Financial Considerations for Divorce

Anyone filing for a divorce should consider his or her financial situation. More couples are deciding to divorce at a late age instead of thinking about retirement. This makes the financial analysis more difficult, especially for women who have been out of the labor force. Retirement is more expensive for someone who is living alone. […]

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Towson Family Law Lawyers: A Family Dispute With a Successful Result

We have had a number of cases recently involving disputes among family members concerning the distribution of the family estate. Those kinds of disputes are unfortunate, and we always endeavor to resolve them quietly, confidentially and in an amicable fashion, such as through mediation or a settlement meeting. Unfortunately, sometimes a case in court is […]

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