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Equitable Distribution

What is Different About a High Asset Divorce?

Every divorcing couple must determine the division of property acquired during the marriage. For couples with a high net worth, establishing which assets are considered marital property and how they will be divided can become more involved – and even contentious. The following are some of the unique concerns that come with many high asset […]

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College Financial Aid Forms and Tuition for Divorced Parents – Who is Responsible?

Everyone knows about the skyrocketing cost of college tuition. So for divorcing couples with children, there may be questions about who is responsible for supporting a college-aged child’s education and who should complete financial aid applications. It is important to realize that Maryland Courts have ruled that a parent is not required by law to […]

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Importance of Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Amazon CEO and billionaire, Jeff Bezos, recently announced on Twitter that he and his wife are getting a divorce. With no prenuptial agreement in place, Bezos stands to lose a significant portion of his fortune, estimated at $136 billion. This case highlights the importance of prenuptial agreements for couples who plan to get married and […]

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Selling a Home When Divorcing

Putting up their marital home on the market is not something a newly married couple thinks about when making the purchase. Yet, this happens frequently when partners divorce and can no longer live together. Although it can be stressful on many levels, understanding what is at stake and proceeding thoughtfully can make the process easier. […]

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Divorce and the Family Business

Divorce is never simple. When a marriage ends, couples navigate uncharted territory deciding where both spouses will live, when both parents will see the children, and how assets will be divided. Adding a family business into the mix makes divorce even more complicated. A business takes just as much time, dedication, and effort to build […]

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High Asset Divorce

Are you involved in a divorce where, as a couple, you have a high net worth? Also called high asset divorces, the ending of a marriage where substantial assets are involved can be especially complicated. Marital assets often result in additional issues with respect to property distribution during the divorce proceedings. Hiding Assets When a […]

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