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Maryland family law firm maintains a blog including various topics related to divorce.

Adopting Stepchildren

Being a stepparent to a spouse’s child can be one of the most rewarding parts of a person’s life. In many cases, a stepparent develops a bond so strong, they wish to formally adopt that child as their own. Understanding the unique issues involved in stepparent adoptions can help families make an informed decision on […]

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How Divorce Affects Adult Children

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the first thought is often about the effect of divorce on small children, but the growing trend of baby boomers divorcing late in life is shifting the focus to their adult children. Known as gray divorce, people calling it quits in their 50s and 60s usually have […]

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Unique Child Visitation Schedules

The alternating weekend visitation schedule is a time-honored tradition. Many courts still give this standard schedule to parents who are unable to agree on a more suitable visitation schedule, though shared custody is becoming more and more popular. However, courts will typically accept visitation schedules created by parents if they are in the best interests […]

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Interstate Child Custody

Parenting is considered an obligation on both parents for the purpose of protecting and advancing the wellbeing of their children. When children are involved, divorce decrees will usually include a parenting plan that details the conduct and responsibilities of parents. This includes details regarding custody and visitation. There is no guarantee that the parents will […]

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Child Custody and Spring Break

Divorced or separated parents often have questions regarding child custody during spring break. Who will get the children, where the children will be allowed to go on vacation, and other details may be negotiated during the divorce process. However, if these issues are not addressed, custody arrangements may end up being arranged last minute. It […]

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Pregnancy and Divorce

Couples going through a divorce are amid one of life’s most stressful episodes. When there is a pregnancy involved, the emotions and tension are amplified. When a baby is on the way, an already difficult situation becomes even more complicated. During a typical divorce, emotions run high as each decision and agreement are legally formalized. […]

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Divorce and Estate Planning

Divorce is a cumbersome process, but one area that few people think to address is estate planning. During the marital years, many spouses have wills drawn up, retirement accounts and insurance beneficiaries named, and assets designated to children and relatives. To ensure that your final wishes are carried out, it is necessary to re-evaluate these […]

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Realistic Expectations for Families Post-Divorce

According to recent estimates, between 42 to 46 percent of marriages end in divorce. That leaves many parents left to navigate the confusing and often tense journey of co-parenting. With couples like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin consciously uncoupling and incorporating each other’s new partners into the family, other couples may wonder if such peaceful […]

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