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Maryland family law firm maintains a blog including various topics related to divorce.

Divorce and the Holidays

When a marriage ends at what some consider to be the happiest time of year, it can be hard for everyone involved. However, you can survive the holidays and your divorce with a healthy coping strategy and support from the ones you love. The following are some tips for enjoying the holidays while you are […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Divorced Families

It is that time of year to start searching for the perfect presents for the special people in our lives. Some of our loved ones are a bit easier to shop for than others. What about the families who have gone through a divorce? Should you buy a gift for your ex-spouse? The following are […]

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Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful when a couple divorces, especially when children are involved. Child custody arrangements made at the time the divorce is finalized often take holidays into consideration, but special events and changes in plans can disrupt even the most carefully planned child custody agreements. With careful planning and cooperation, divorced parents […]

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A Child’s Preference in Child Custody

Child custody battles between divorcing parents can be emotionally charged and stressful. When child custody disputes cannot be agreed upon by the parents, a judge must step in and decide what is best for the child. The Best Interest of the Child Standard gives children in Maryland a voice when parents cannot amicably agree on […]

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Thanksgiving After Divorce

For couples fresh off a divorce, those first holidays can be especially painful. As Thanksgiving approaches, many newly-divorced people may be filled with feelings of loss and sadness. However, you can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving during this time of transition. The following are some tips to help you enjoy this special day and all […]

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Video Game Blamed for Divorce

Occasionally, a new video game comes on the scene and sweeps the gaming community. Fascination with the new video game, Fortnite, has exploded, and many people have complained about the effect the game has on their family and social relationships. It seems the game is not only affecting relationships. In some cases, Fortnite is ending […]

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How Financial Debt Can Take a Toll on a Marriage

Personal finances are common topics that couples argue over, particularly if each person has a very different approach to spending and saving money. For couples who are just starting out, it is difficult to avoid accumulating some level of debt due to student loans, the high cost of living in certain areas, and other financial […]

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