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Child Support

Family lawyers in Maryland share their blog on various legal matters including child support issues.

Child Support for Dads

Stereotypes about traditional family roles can create misconceptions about a father’s right to child support. For centuries men were seen as the bread winners while women were the caregivers in the family who stayed home to take care of the children. When a marriage with children comes to an end, this outdated model can be […]

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What is Different About a High Asset Divorce?

Every divorcing couple must determine the division of property acquired during the marriage. For couples with a high net worth, establishing which assets are considered marital property and how they will be divided can become more involved – and even contentious. The following are some of the unique concerns that come with many high asset […]

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Who Pays for Summer Camp?

For many children, summer means attending sports clinics, drama camps, and other specialty programs during the day. When the school year ends, families with school-aged children often use summer camp as an alternative to traditional childcare. In cases of divorce or unmarried parents, determining which parent will pay for these activities is an important concern. […]

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College Financial Aid Forms and Tuition for Divorced Parents – Who is Responsible?

Everyone knows about the skyrocketing cost of college tuition. So for divorcing couples with children, there may be questions about who is responsible for supporting a college-aged child’s education and who should complete financial aid applications. It is important to realize that Maryland Courts have ruled that a parent is not required by law to […]

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Pregnancy and Divorce

Couples going through a divorce are amid one of life’s most stressful episodes. When there is a pregnancy involved, the emotions and tension are amplified. When a baby is on the way, an already difficult situation becomes even more complicated. During a typical divorce, emotions run high as each decision and agreement are legally formalized. […]

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Past Due Child Support and Inheritances

Although child support payment orders are determined during divorce proceedings, later circumstances can affect how they are carried out. The parents’ obligations are normally based on their income, assets, the amount of time spent with the children, and how many children are involved. Other factors taken into consideration include the children’s medical expenses and health […]

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