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Child Custody

Maryland family lawyers share their blog on various family law and divorce matters including child custody.

Unique Child Visitation Schedules

The alternating weekend visitation schedule is a time-honored tradition. Many courts still give this standard schedule to parents who are unable to agree on a more suitable visitation schedule, though shared custody is becoming more and more popular. However, courts will typically accept visitation schedules created by parents if they are in the best interests […]

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Interstate Child Custody

Parenting is considered an obligation on both parents for the purpose of protecting and advancing the wellbeing of their children. When children are involved, divorce decrees will usually include a parenting plan that details the conduct and responsibilities of parents. This includes details regarding custody and visitation. There is no guarantee that the parents will […]

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Child Custody and Spring Break

Divorced or separated parents often have questions regarding child custody during spring break. Who will get the children, where the children will be allowed to go on vacation, and other details may be negotiated during the divorce process. However, if these issues are not addressed, custody arrangements may end up being arranged last minute. It […]

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Understanding De Facto Parental Rights

Families in the United States are unique and diverse. Between blended families, same-sex couples, and single-parent households, the typical family is not quite so typical anymore. In July 2016, the Maryland Court of Appeals recognized individuals who, though they may not be biological or adoptive, still have the same rights and responsibilities as caregivers. De […]

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Child Custody Schedules

It may seem ironic, but parents who are go-getters and professionally in high-demand may be at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody. In fact, mothers and fathers who work non-traditional hours may find it challenging to come to a custody agreement on how often they see their children. For this reason, hiring a […]

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Non-Parental Custody

Non-parental custody, sometimes also referred to as third-party custody, refers to granting custody of a minor child to someone other than the parents of the child. It is usually given only in extreme cases when the child’s biological parents have either passed away, have been deemed unfit to parent, or have fostered a parental relationship […]

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Social Media Impacts Divorce and Custody Cases

Most people keep their cell phones within reaching distance, and post on social media without thinking too carefully. It can be a very risky habit; sharing pictures, personal information, and other details is often done without considering possible aftereffects. As the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms grow, a new field opened […]

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