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Alimony/Spousal Support

Reducing Alimony

Many are unaware that an order to pay alimony or spousal support can be subject to change. There are some scenarios where alimony may be increased or reduced, according to the payer’s ability to pay and the supported spouse’s need. It is important to inform your Baltimore alimony lawyer of any changes to your or […]

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Student Loan Debt Causing Divorce

Financial stress can be a contributing cause of divorce for many couples. Couples most vulnerable to the strain of financial worries are those dealing with student loan debt. Last year’s college graduates averaged almost $40,000 in college loan debt by graduation. Recent surveys indicated approximately 13 percent of divorced couples believe student loan debt was […]

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What are the Different Types of Spousal Support?

Divorce can impact every area of one’s life, including finances. Many divorced individuals are entitled to monetary payments from their ex-spouses called alimony or spousal support, following the end of the marriage. While all types of alimony are meant to help an individual maintain the standard of living they were accustomed to during the marriage, […]

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Alimony Modification in Maryland

Alimony is often one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce, and even after the divorce has been finalized, it can remain a flashpoint for years. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is ordered if spouses have been married for a prolonged period, or if there is a significant disparity in earning capacity. If […]

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Alimony and New Tax Laws

President Trump signed an extensive tax overhaul bill late last year that will have significant effects on the almost 250,000 Americans that receive alimony each year. These new tax provisions will apply to any divorce or separation agreements filed after December 31, 2018. Goodbye Alimony Deductions One of the most dramatic tax changes effecting divorced […]

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