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What Should I Do if Child Support Is Not Getting Paid?

Baltimore Child Support Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Can Help You if Your Ex Owes You Child Support.

When you have children, those children require financial support. Without it, they might lack basic necessities, including food, clothing, and shelter. Fortunately, in the case of divorce, a parent can petition for child support. If the court orders child support, the other parent is liable for paying it. Should they fail to do this obligation, they might be ordered to pay back child support payments.

Maryland courts base child support amounts on a variety of factors, such as the income of each parent, if custody is shared, and more. When one parent earns significantly more than the other, that parent generally will have to provide support.

The number of children impacts the amount of child support, as well as the costs of health insurance, daycare, and medical expenses. The court will consider alimony as well.

In Maryland, new court orders must have support payments made by wage attachment. If the paying parent changes their job, they must notify the child support agency so that the deductions can continue.

Modifying Child Support

A parent can petition for modifications, even long after they have been paying child support. They might have a sudden change in employment or possibly become disabled or otherwise incapable of working due to medical or health reasons. Whenever there is a significant change in the ability to earn income, they can petition the court for child support modifications.

Possible Penalties for Not Paying Child Support

Ignoring court-ordered child support is a serious matter. The non-paying parent will be in contempt of court and can face severe consequences, such as wage withholdings, liens on real or personal property, and even incarceration. If they have a professional license or driver’s license in Maryland, the state might revoke either one. The state has many effective ways to enforce the collection of child support payments.

Baltimore Child Support Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Can Help You if Your Ex Owes You Child Support

If you are owed child support, our experienced Baltimore child support lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC can help. Call us at 443-589-0150 or submit our online form to schedule a free consultation today. We are located in Hunt Valley and Towson, Maryland, and we represent clients in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Bel Air, Bentley Springs, Columbia, Freeland, Hereford, Hampton, Westminster, Essex, Monkton, Sparks Glencoe, Parkton, Phoenix, Pikesville, White Hall, Carroll County, Harford County, and Howard County.

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