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Should I Hire a Private Investigator for Divorce?

Private Investigator Divorce

Divorce is not an easy process to go through. In addition to the financial toll it may take on you, you may be worried about infidelity or misconduct on the part of your soon-to-be ex-spouse. If you are considering hiring a private investigator to investigate your suspicions, the following are a few things you should know.

Private investigators are trained professionals hired to investigate cases in a discreet manner. When going through a divorce, someone may hire a private investigator to investigate suspicions of infidelity or misconduct. A private investigator may also be hired to investigate the possibility of hidden assets to investigate whether a spouse is engaging in illegal activity. Private investigators are trained to use specific websites that are unavailable to the public. They also conduct surveillance as part of their job and follow their targets without being detected.

Private Investigators and the Law

Private investigators must abide by the law when doing their job. Private investigators are not allowed to hack into a person’s private computer or phone, trespass, steal personal information, or record individuals without their consent. If a private investigator is caught violating the law, they can be charged and prosecuted. Any evidence collected during a private investigator’s investigation will most likely not be admissible in court. Depending on which state a private investigator is in, there may be requirements and laws they must follow specific to that state.

Private investigators can follow their target, stakeout homes or businesses, eavesdrop, take photos in a private area, and carry a firearm as long as they have a license to do so. Before hiring a private investigator, it is a good idea to speak to your attorney first. A private investigator can either benefit your case or make it worse. It is also a good idea to avoid telling anyone that you are considering hiring a private investigator.

Consulting with a Private Investigator

Consulting with a private investigator can help you determine whether hiring one is necessary. During your consultation, you should provide as much information to them as possible about the target. During this time, the private investigator will discuss the cost of their services. After a private investigator completes their investigation, they may provide the client with a report that summarizes their services. Keep in mind that a private investigator may not find anything, either because the target was not committing what they were accused of, or because they simply did not engage in any of the activities they were being accused of while being surveilled.

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