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Thanksgiving After Divorce

Towson family law lawyers help with holiday parenting plans after divorce.For couples fresh off a divorce, those first holidays can be especially painful. As Thanksgiving approaches, many newly-divorced people may be filled with feelings of loss and sadness. However, you can still have a wonderful Thanksgiving during this time of transition. The following are some tips to help you enjoy this special day and all your holidays on the other side of divorce.

  • Practice gratitude: Of course, Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and mashed potatoes, but try not to forget what the holiday is about: being thankful. Your divorce is the end of a marriage, but it also opens your life up to new beginnings. Focus on the adventure ahead of you. Take the time to step back and appreciate your family, friends, and all the positive things life has to offer.
  • Hear your children: Holidays after divorce can be very difficult for the children. Give them time and space to express their thoughts and fears. Try to be understanding when it comes to where or how they want to spend the holidays. They should feel validated as they process this change in their family dynamic.
  • Make new traditions: Thanksgiving and other holidays are the perfect time to make new memories and create family traditions. Put a twist on an old recipe. Ask each guest to share something they are grateful for. Play games to get everyone laughing. Traditions do not have to be elaborate or complicated. They can be something simple you incorporate into your holiday routine and look forward to every year.
  • Consider compromise: Holidays are not the time to draw battle lines. Understand that children benefit from healthy co-parenting. If your divorce is amicable, consider spending at least part of the day together to give kids a sense of continuity. If that is not feasible, allow the kids to call or visit your ex-spouse during the day. Be flexible about where the kids spend the holidays. Preventing unnecessary conflict will go a long way in creating happy holidays.
  • Focus on the future: Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing. Remembering good times is only natural, but when you dwell solely on the way things used to be and not how beautiful they can become, you stall your own progress. Take time to grieve the end of your marriage, but do not stay there. There are so many more wonderful life celebrations to come.
  • Lean on loved ones: Divorce can feel isolating, but considering the current divorce rates, you are far from alone. From time to time, we all need support from friends and family. Part of self-care is finding solace in the company of others. If the kids are with your ex-spouse for Thanksgiving, consider hosting a dinner for those who may not have family nearby or a place to spend the day.

Towson Divorce Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Help with Holiday Parenting Plans

Peaceful holidays begin with an effective co-parenting agreement. Planning for the holidays well before they arrive can reduce unwanted stress and anxiety, especially when children are involved. At Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC, the Towson divorce lawyers help create successful parenting agreements for clients throughout the state. To discuss your situation, call 443-589-0150 or contact us online to get started.

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