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Back to School Co-Parenting Tips

Baltimore County Child Custody Lawyers offer co-parenting tips for back to school. The start of a new school year is an exciting time for parents and kids alike. There are new friends and teachers to meet and new adventures to explore. Going back to school also means the return to the hectic pace of homework, studying, and after-school activities. There are several things divorced parents can do to make the new school year smooth and stress-free for everyone involved.

  • Agree on a routine: Children transitioning between both parents during the school week may feel overwhelmed by the constant back and forth. To keep things running smoothly every day, co-parents can agree on a simple routine for both households. Stick to a schedule for breakfast, homework, and bedtime to create consistency and reduce unnecessary stress.
  • Get to know your child’s teacher: A large part of your child’s week is spent with their teacher. Let them know your co-parenting schedule and any concerns or issues your child may be experiencing with the divorce. This insight helps the teacher better understand your child. The teacher can also help with the logistics of co-parenting by sending e-mails and notices to both parents so everyone stays in the loop.
  • Make school neutral territory: School is not the place to engage in parenting turf wars. It should be a safe, neutral space where your child can focus on learning and building positive social relationships. You should notify the teacher and other important school contacts about your co-parenting schedule, but you do not want to drag them into your personal and private conflicts with your ex-spouse.
  • Attend school functions with a positive attitude: Leave any negative feelings about your ex-spouse at the door when visiting your child’s school for a conference or event. This is the perfect time to put on a united front. Celebrate your child’s achievements and savor the moment.
  • Focus on education: The academic challenges and social interactions that come with school are a healthy and welcome outlet for children of divorce. Become involved in your child’s education by asking questions and helping them with their homework. If they see how important their education is to their parents, it may become just as important to them.

Successful co-parenting takes work, but it can be done. When parents work together to develop a seamless routine, become invested in their child’s education, and leave the frustrations of divorce outside of school, children can thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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