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Protecting Your Children from the Stress of Divorce

Baltimore divorce lawyers recommend protecting your children from the stress of divorce.For many divorcing couples, minimizing the impact of the divorce on the wellbeing of their children is one of the most important goals during the divorce process. Shielding the children from divorce-related drama is a crucial step in achieving this goal. Below are important steps every divorcing couple can take to avoid pulling a child into the fighting that often occurs between parents during this stressful time.

Communicate Only Necessary Details

Experts agree that keeping children in the communication loop is a good practice during a divorce. However, parents should be cautious about what and how they present current information about the divorce to their children. One common mistake is providing children with too much information about the details of the divorce. Parents should consider the maturity level of the child before oversharing information, such as the reasons for the deterioration of the marriage or details of financial disputes. Your children are not the proper audience for your grievances about your ex-spouse. Focus your communication on the divorce details that directly affect them, such as living arrangements or visitation schedules.

Avoid Using Negativity About the Other Parent

To ensure the children maintain nurturing relationships with both parents, divorcing spouses should avoid talking negatively about their ex-spouse in front of the children. Children look up to both parents and any attempt to erode their respect for either parent can have disastrous effects. Reinforce with your children that you are working on a parenting plan with the other parent that will allow both parents to spend time with them.

Present a United Front

The best type of parental communication happens when both parents present a united front and speak directly and together with their children about the changes that will be taking place. Both parents should try to cooperate with each other when it comes to the children and avoid fighting in front of them.

Allow Children to Remain Neutral

Avoid making the children feel that they must pick sides during the divorce process. Children should never be made to feel that they have a conflict of loyalty when dealing with their parents. By allowing a child to remain neutral, the other parent’s desire to maintain an ongoing relationship with the child should not be discouraged by the other parent.

Do Not Let Your Mood Affect the Children

The divorce process can bring out the worst emotions in a person. Anger, frustration, and depression can affect your mood and behavior. This may affect your children more than you realize. Divorcing parents may need to find alternative outlets for their feelings, including divorce support groups or professional therapists, to deal with these emotions. Above all, remember that shielding your children from any divorce-related drama can be the best gift you give them during this tough time.

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