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Signs Your Ex-Spouse is Toxic

Towson divorce lawyers successfully resolve difficult divorces and list signs showing if your ex-souse is toxic.The end of a marriage is inherently difficult, even when both spouses agree that divorce is the best decision for everyone involved. Yet, when an ex is downright nasty, a divorce can be traumatic. Knowing the signs of a toxic ex-spouse can help you to circumvent their attempts to break you down and take action to protect you and your children moving forward.

Here are some signs that your ex may be toxic:

They make you question your own abilities: As the marriage begins to unravel, a toxic ex makes it known that your inadequacies are to blame. They plant those tiny seeds of doubt that make you question your capabilities as a parent, worker, and friend. Some toxic exes do the same with the kids, predicting they will fail in school, work, and any other future goals they might set.

They blame you for their misfortune: What may have been a pattern in the marriage continues in divorce. Your ex sees you as the cause of their unhappiness. Whether they lost a job, had a falling out with a friend, or cannot seem to get along with the kids, somehow they find a way to blame every unfortunate event on you.

They sabotage your new relationships: A toxic ex who cannot stand to see you moving on with a new relationship will do everything possible to interfere with your second chance at love. For many newly-divorced men and women, a crazy ex-spouse is a red flag for potential relationships.

They use the kids against you: In perhaps the most dangerous form of unhealthy behavior, a toxic ex manipulates the children in ways that are designed to hurt you. They may bad-mouth you to the children in hopes that they will turn against you. Or they choose to walk away from the kids altogether, seeing them as reflections of you.

They do not respect your boundaries: Despite the divorce, a toxic ex does not always respect your privacy. They still believe they have the right to know where you are going and with whom. They ask the children for information about your new life that they can somehow use against you.

They use the court system to stay connected with you: In a passive-aggressive effort to stay engaged with you, a toxic ex works the court system to maintain contact with you well after the divorce is over. They may defy court orders including child support and visitation to get you to take them back to court.

Divorcing a toxic ex presents its own set of challenges beyond the average divorce. Your ex may attempt to use the children and the court system to inflict more emotional pain on you. To protect you and your children from these unhealthy behaviors, it is important to work with a divorce lawyer who recognizes these patterns and endeavors to prevent them.

Towson Divorce Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Successfully Resolve Difficult Divorces

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