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Maryland Bill Helps Parents Afford College

Towson child support lawyers offer an update on the Maryland bill that helps parents afford college by extending the age of majority for child support from 18 to 23.A proposed bill could help children of divorced parents afford college by allowing them to receive additional financial support. The University of Maryland’s student branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has endorsed the bill, which is entering its third session in the Judicial Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates. The bill would allow courts to extend the age of majority for child support from 18 to 23, where the child still requires financial support in certain cases.

According to the bill’s sponsor, opponents assert three main concerns regarding the bill. First, they point to the possibility that the bill would create a precedent of extended financial support for children of non-divorced households as well. Moreover, they express concerns that child support could have a negative effect on the child’s ability to obtain financial aid. Finally, opponents question the constitutionality of the bill because it would allow children of divorce to be treated differently than children of married parents.

Bill Proposals

The bill’s sponsor states that the bill would only apply in situations regarding child support and will not change the law regarding the age of majority that is accepted as being 18 years old. She further asserts that the bill will not affect children of married parents because the court will not have jurisdiction over those cases. The bill will provide much-needed assistance to children of divorce who may not have the same support as children from intact families because their parents do not have shared finances.

The proposal for the bill was submitted in November 2015 to the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women. The bill’s sponsor stated that it does not make sense for child support to end at a time when children are willing and able to attend college, a particularly expensive proposition. Similar legislation exists in 16 states and two U.S. territories, however, similar bills received unfavorable reports from the committee in previous years.

The university’s student branch will be working with AAUW Maryland to determine what type of support is needed. It is also attempting to garner greater awareness of, and support for, the proposed bill. According to the branch’s head of communication, it may start a petition or attempt to obtain testimonies and letters of support from students. The branch hopes that by hearing from children of divorced families who are struggling to pay for college, people will express their support to the assembly and the bill will be approved.

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