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Dating After a Divorce

Towson Family Law Firm: Dating After a DivorceDivorce is the end of a chapter in your life and it can be hard to move on and heal. If you have made it through to the other side and are thinking of dating again, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Learn From Past Mistakes

Hopefully going through a divorce has forced you to consider what went wrong in your marriage so that you can avoid the same mistakes again. Be sure that you can recognize the telltale signs of a bad relationship so that you do not fall into old patterns of behavior. By the same token, think about how you would define a happy healthy relationship. If you are still healing or angry about your failed marriage, now is not the time to start dating. Hold off until you are sure you understand what it is you need to be happy before you look for a new partner.

Be Positive and Seek Out Positive Support

Dating after a divorce can take courage and you will need a support system. This may be family, friends, or neighbors. Be positive about finding love again and make sure you have people you can call for advice who will listen and be supportive of your efforts. The last thing you need is negativity as you head back out into the dating world.

Go on Numerous Dates

It is acceptable to go on lots of dates to see who is out there and meet new people. Consider joining different groups based on what you enjoy doing so that you meet people with similar interests. You should not hesitate to use an online service. Just be honest on your profile.

Take it Slow

If you meet someone you are attracted to, resist the temptation to move quickly into a serious relationship. Conversely, give attraction a chance to develop as it may take a few dates to get to know someone who is more of an introvert. Dating is a slow process. Once you are interested in someone, make sure you can identify character traits such as honesty, intelligence, and kindness in them. Remember that you cannot change another person.

Be Patient

As you start dating again, stay positive and do not expect a relationship to develop according to your own timetable and when it is convenient for you. It is not the same as shopping for a car. Expect to have highs and lows because that is normal. Be patient, persevere, and enjoy the process.

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