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Careers with the Highest Divorce Rate

Towson Divorce Lawyers: Careers with The Highest Divorce Rate

Some careers require a great deal of personal sacrifice, not only on the part of the employee, but also on the part of their spouse and family. The career website, Zippia, recently analyzed data from the U.S. Census, determining that first line enlisted military supervisors had the highest rate of divorce. A surprising 30 percent of these military workers divorce by age 30. Logisticians were second, followed by automotive service technicians and mechanics, engineers, and technicians in various fields.

Military Careers and Divorce

Three of the top 10 careers with the highest rate of divorce were military jobs. Military workers overall were most likely to be divorced by age 30, at a rate of 15 percent.

The unique circumstances of a military job often impact workers’ family life. Time spent away from home, stress, and the inherent danger of serving, all take a toll on relationships. Divorce rates increase when spouses are repeatedly deployed for long periods of time.

Mental health issues arising from active service may put additional pressure on military marriages. Approximately 15 to 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans report post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Veterans tend to have higher divorce rates than civilians.

Divorce Rates for Jobs Outside of Military Service

Divorce rates among military and civilian employees are difficult to compare. Zippia reported that careers with lower rates of divorce included religious workers, speech language pathologists, and dentists.

Millennials, Baby Boomers, Marriage, and Divorce

The divorce rate for adults in the United States who are aged 50 and older has almost doubled since the 1990s. Baby boomers experienced extremely high rate of divorce in their first marriages, perhaps because they often married young. It follows that baby boomers would have a higher rate of later divorce, since second and later marriages are even more likely to end in divorce than first marriages.

In 1963, the median age for women to get married was 21 years old and for men, 23 years old. By 2014, those ages climbed to 27 years old for women and 29 years old for men. Millennials are much less likely to marry young than their parents. So far, their divorce rate is correspondingly lower. However, the longevity of millennial marriages is uncertain. It remains to be seen whether the divorce rate will climb as millennials reach milestone anniversaries.

Millennials and Jobs

Millennials are the generation with the most education, with 40 percent of millennials earning a college degree.

Fewer members of the millennial generation are joining the military than prior generations. Work and life balance is a major career consideration for many millennials, and was practically unheard of when baby boomers were entering the workforce. A reflection of their higher level of education, shown in a recent Gallup poll, reflects 59 percent of millennial job seekers reported that opportunities to learn and grow were very important to them in the context of their careers.

While they came of age in a difficult economic climate, millennials are seeking careers in areas that are growing. Millennials are choosing jobs such as physician assistants, biomedical engineers, computer and information research specialists, and software developers; all jobs that require higher education. Companies with manufacturing jobs are having a difficult time attracting millennials. Millennials value job satisfaction. According to Pew Research, almost half of this demographic report that they would rather have no job than a job they don’t like.

Whether millennials’ job satisfaction translates to happier marriages that are less prone to divorce remains to be seen over the long term. For now, it appears that military careers carry with them a much higher rate of divorce than civilian careers.

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