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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Pitfalls of DIY Divorce

Divorce can be costly, both emotionally and financially. Some individuals may think that divorcing without an attorney makes financial sense. This is rarely the case. Moreover, whatever small savings there may be are often offset by the stress and uncertainty of going it alone. There are many questions you should ask yourself before trying to attempt a divorce in Maryland without the legal assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer.

Can you and your spouse work together?

You should first decide if you and your spouse are capable of working together to resolve any divorce issues fairly. In a typical divorce, lawyers serve as intermediaries between spouses to work out the details in a calm and rational manner. If you forego legal representation, you will have to advocate for yourself. If your spouse has hired a lawyer, keep in mind that he or she is working to secure the best interests of his or her client, not yours. Especially if you are anticipating an acrimonious divorce, it is best if your ex has to speak with a lawyer and not directly with you. Consider what will happen to any joint accounts you have with your spouse or other assets. Your lawyer will know how to protect you and your interests throughout the divorce process.

How well do you understand the law and its impact on your future?

If you do not hire an experienced divorce attorney to represent you, you will have to familiarize yourself with Maryland family law. This could be a full-time job in itself. What is it you need to achieve with the divorce and what is allowable by law? You want to concentrate your energy on attaining a fair and equitable outcome, but you may be unsure about what that is and how to get it. The emotional stress of ending the marriage will be compounded with the stress of handling the legal aspects of it as well.

At Huesman, Jones & Miles, we have experience with the court process and procedures and ensures that all required paperwork is filed on time. It is important to understand that many elements of a divorce decree cannot be reversed after the divorce is finalized. This includes decisions made regarding property division. Having a seasoned divorce lawyer review your divorce documents will give you the peace of mind in knowing no mistakes were made.

What are the alternatives to a DIY divorce?

If cost is the biggest concern in hiring a lawyer to handle your divorce, consider alternatives to litigation in court. A good family lawyer will be supportive of mediation or collaborative divorce and will not push your case to court to collect fees. An experienced divorce lawyer will help you plan for after the divorce as well. Establishing credit and budgeting with child support or spousal support payments are both topics that a knowledgeable lawyer will cover while going through the divorce process with you.

Towson Divorce Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Support Clients Seeking Divorce

Divorce in Maryland is complex and ending any marriage is stressful under the best of circumstances. Before undertaking such a huge legal process alone, speak to one of our seasoned and compassionate Towson divorce lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC. We want to resolve your legal issues as quickly and reasonably as possible. We help you sleep at night. Call us at 443-589-0150 today or contact us online. We have offices in Hunt Valley, Pikesville, and Towson and we serve clients throughout Maryland, including those in Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Queen Anne’s County, and Carroll County.


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