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A Wonderful Result for a Deserving Client

One of the true joys of our profession is the opportunity to help someone in need. We recently had a client who had served the country for a number of years as a member of the United States Coast Guard. Unfortunately, he suffered from a medical condition which led to his discharge from his service with the Coast Guard. He obtained other employment, but was unable to maintain that because of his medical condition. He now has very limited income and is retraining himself for employment in a field suitable to his capabilities.

Although married, he had been separated for some years from his wife. He has two children, but his wife would not give him an opportunity to see them. He missed seeing and talking to his children very much. He was also subject to an excessive alimony and child support payment obligation, based on his prior employment with the Coast Guard. He came to us for assistance. He wanted to resume his relationship with his children, and to eliminate the payments that were not suitable for his earnings.

Unable to work out a fair resolution with the other side, we went into court to obtain a fair resolution of our client at trial. The outcome was very rewarding. The court entered a judgment that was very favorable to our client. He obtained the right to see his children on a regular basis, to share holidays, and to have good and effective communication with them. His alimony obligation was completely eliminated. The child support payment was reduced to an appropriate sum given his limited earnings. He was very grateful and pleased with the result.

We are glad that we had the occasion to assist this client. He is an honorable, respectful gentleman, who had not previously received a “fair deal.” He had the courage to allow the court to decide the case and to reach a fair and equitable ruling.

The divorce and custody process can be very stressful. Our job is to help our clients sleep at night and to achieve their reasonable goals. It is a pleasure to be able to obtain a good result for someone who is truly entitled to it. If you would like to speak to an experienced family law attorney in Towson, call Huesman, Jones & Miles today at 443-589-0150 or contact us online.

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