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Towson Divorce Lawyers: End-of-Year Divorce Tips for Women

The New Year is typically a time to make a fresh start, set goals and make positive changes. When it comes to moving ahead with a divorce, most women tend to wait until after the holidays. For some, they want to avoid disrupting holiday traditions for their children. For others, the idea of talking about the divorce with friends and relatives is reason enough to wait until the holidays are over.

Not surprisingly, most divorces are filed in January. If you intend to file for divorce when 2016 arrives, some simple planning can make the process go much more smoothly and ensure that your best interests are protected.

  • Begin to organize your financial documents. As the end of the year approaches, you will receive your year-end financial statements from banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, etc. As you prepare for your divorce, collect all important financial documents, make copies of each and either leave them with a trusted friend or family member, or arrange for them to be kept in a safe deposit box that your spouse does not know about or cannot access.
  • Request a copy of your credit report. Once you have a copy of your credit report, pay close attention to your credit card statement and look for any unusual purchases that you did not make. Keep in mind that if you have a joint credit card, you are both responsible for paying off the debt, regardless of what the divorce settlement says. So you may want to consider making sure that any joint credit cards are paid off before the divorce is final
  • Consult with a team of divorce professionals in your area. Consider surrounding yourself with a team of professionals who can protect your interests and help you get through the divorce process as smoothly as possible. Three key players that can provide expert guidance include a reputable divorce lawyer, a divorce financial planner and a therapist or counselor. Research various professionals in your area and even schedule interviews so that you can come up with the team that best suits your individual needs.
  • Open bank and credit card accounts in your name. As you start the New Year as a single woman, be proactive by opening up bank accounts and credit cards in your name. Use a different bank from the one you shared with your former spouse. When it comes to opening a credit card account, federal regulations are a bit more strict than they used to be, particularly for women with little or no income, but it can be done.
  • Be Vigilant.  If you suspect your spouse of any financial wrongdoings that will directly impact you, consider filing separate tax returns. Pay attention to any of your spouse’s financial transactions that you find questionable and collect written documentation.

2016 is an opportunity to start fresh. The more you plan ahead and surround yourself with a team of professionals, the more you will be able to create a stable and secure future for yourself.

Towson Divorce Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Protect Women’s Interests in the Divorce Process

If you are preparing to file for divorce from your spouse, the experienced, compassionate Towson divorce lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC will take you through every step of the process and ensure that your rights are protected. Your financial security is our top priority.

Our offices are conveniently located in Towson, East Pikesville and Hunt Valley, Maryland where we serve clients throughout Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County. For a confidential consultation, call us at 443-589-0150 or contact us online.

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