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Towson Divorce Lawyers: Celebrity Divorces Hold Lessons for Everyday Couples

Celebrity divorces often follow a distinct pattern. A couple reveals their separation, usually many months after-the-fact, in a statement which expresses both a shared sadness and a need for privacy. Although – to the jaded onlooker – the demise of a celebrity marriage is as predictable as the language which will be used to announce their impending divorce, Towson divorce lawyers say even ordinary couples can benefit from adopting a similar approach.

Keeping your marital woes under wraps can help you avoid a messy divorce. When an estranged spouse is open and honest with casual acquaintances or even strangers about the root cause of their failed marriage, gossip can ensue and tempers will flare. A divorce which might have otherwise been amicable can rapidly deteriorate in court, as the spouse who was the subject of the gossip attempts to clear his or her name. Maintaining privacy is also important when a divorcing couple shares children. Divorce is painful enough for children without facing whispers and joking from classmates as unsubstantiated rumors swirl around their parents.

Similarly, presenting a unified front in public can make for a smoother transition to single life. When neighbors and coworkers see a divorcing couple interacting without acrimony they are less likely to hypothesize about the events which led up to the divorce. Attending school functions and sporting events in tandem shows two individuals who are willing to put their children first – a powerful signal to others in the community who may be contemplating a divorce of their own.

Divorce is complicated. Couples must reach agreements on everything from who will spend the holidays with the children to who will keep the family dog. When an agreement cannot be reached, a divorce will play out in a courtroom under the watchful eyes of a judge, who may or may not be sympathetic to either side. That is why couples should take steps to de-escalate their mutual frustration and avoid the specter of litigation – like most celebrities.

Towson Divorce Lawyers of Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC Handle All Aspects of Divorce

Towson divorce lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC can help facilitate families going through the process of a divorce. If you are contemplating a divorce, contact us online or call 443-589-0150 to schedule a consultation at our offices in Hunt Valley, East Pikesville or Towson, Maryland. We proudly serve clients throughout Baltimore County, Carroll County, Harford County and Howard County, including the communities of Baltimore, Towson, Essex, Columbia and Bel Air.

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