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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: Fathers Deserve Equal Rights

Until fairly recently, child custody arrangements in divorce cases almost always favored mothers. Fathers were rarely awarded primary custody and visitation was usually a predictable every other weekend plus one weeknight. For years, many fathers rightfully felt they didn’t stand a chance at being involved in their children’s lives for more than eight days out of the month. In recent years, however, courts have begun recognizing fathers’ rights to spend more time than this with their children. This is a step in the right direction which will benefit both fathers and their children.

Children Benefit When Fathers Can Be More Involved

According to psychological studies of children of divorce, when mothers and fathers spend close to equal time with their children, the kids are more emotionally stable and secure. Kids whose parents actively co-parent also benefit from a parental example of diplomacy and teamwork. Children who watch their parents work together learn constructive conflict resolution. Teens especially benefit from having both parents in their lives equally, as experts agree that teens who communicate freely with both parents are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

A Father’s Role Should Be Valued

Many fathers these days are the primary caregivers in the family. Long gone are the days where fathers typically spent their days at work away from their family and never changed a diaper. Statistically, more mothers are working, career-oriented mothers. In addition, statistics show that many more fathers work from home at least part time, allowing them to be much more involved in their children’s lives than they may have been twenty or thirty years ago. Considering these factors, it is unfair in a child custody case today to implement the same standard visitation schedule that was common twenty or thirty years ago. To deny a father equal rights or equal time with his children will often be a significant change to what both he and his children have come to rely on in terms of time spent together.

Towson Child Custody Lawyers at Huesman, Jones, & Miles, LLC Advocate for Fathers’ Rights

Every situation is different, but fathers should always have the right to expect that going into a child custody case, they will be treated fairly and without prejudgment simply because of their gender. If you or someone you know is concerned about being treated fairly in a child custody case, having a Towson child custody lawyer on your side can help you fight for the time you and your child deserve to have together. At Huesman, Jones, & Miles, LLC, we understand the complexities of the law and have the experience to help you resolve your child custody issues in a way that is fair to you and your children.

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