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Towson Child Custody Lawyers: Parental Religious Differences and Custody

If deciding on child custody arrangements during a divorce were not difficult and complicated enough, parents who practice religious differences can also hold conflicting views regarding custody. The issue of religion and parenting comes up frequently in divorce proceedings, especially when parents begin discussing sharing child custody of their children.

Generally, family courts order the parents, with some advice from both of the parents’ attorneys and sometimes the judge as well, to create a parenting plan. The basis of a parenting plan is to govern and guide when, where and the limits of each parent’s custody of and visitation with their children. The parenting plan can sometimes be difficult to create, however, when both parents do not hold the same religious beliefs. This is especially true when the two parents’ religious practices conflict almost entirely with each other.

Towson child custody lawyers at Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC have a few tips to keep in mind when drafting a parenting plan that may help avoid conflicts amongst parents, honor both parents’ religious beliefs and customs, eliminate or drastically decrease future conflict between parents that may harms the children’s well-being, and help create the best possible parenting time agreement for the whole family given the unique circumstances.

  • Respect the other parents’ traditions.
  • Make an attempt to understand the basics of the other parent’s religion, as it can prove helpful in resolving conflict.
  • Allow children to learn about both parents’ religions and practices.
  • Do not comment on or criticize the other parent’s religion.
  • The custody schedule should not conflict with either parent’s religious observations.
  • Remember religious holidays or weekly customs, such as Sabbath, when scheduling a calendar.
  • Plan accordingly and pay extra attention to the parenting plan for religious holidays and ceremonies so there are no arguments or conflicts.
  • Consider hiring an objective mediator well in advance of the special occasion to help in planning for important, large, religious events or holidays.
  • Consider the parental consent (i.e., joint consent, single-parent consent, etc.) that is needed for the children’s participation in anything religious such as religious education, official affiliation with a religion and the children’s attendance at a religious ceremony.

Towson Child Custody Lawyers at Huesman, Jones and Miles, LLC Help Prevent and Resolve Custody Issues

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