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Towson Child Support Lawyers: State Forces Sperm Donor to Pay Child Support

After donating sperm to a lesbian couple trying to procreate, a sperm donor has now been ordered by the state of Kansas to pay child support for the offspring created from his sperm. A man in Topeka, Kansas offered to donate his sperm to a same sex couple in 2009 after reading their advertisement on Craigslist. Later that year, the couple had a baby girl and entered into a contract with the sperm donor wherein he surrendered all parental rights to the child. However, the state of Kansas is now ordering the sperm donor to pay several years of back child support after a court-ordered DNA test confirmed that the donor was indeed the father of the child.

The same sex couple and the sperm donor both find it odd that the state is requiring the donor to pay child support for a child that was never intended to be his. The same sex couple contacted Kansas officials and told them that they should not be ordering the sperm donor to pay child support because he contractually surrendered his parental rights to the child and was simply a sperm donor for two individuals who were trying to be parents. However, the state continues to declare that the sperm donor must pay child support because he did not properly follow the laws in the state that would have afforded him the normal protections of a sperm donor and he did not follow the necessary adoption laws in regards to signing over parental rights. Now, the sperm donor’s legal bills are more than ten times as much as the amount of child support the state claims he is responsible to pay. According to the sperm donor, this is not about paying child support, it is about making a statement. It is his belief that that the Governor of Kansas is using him as an example for others in the state and throughout the country. The sperm donor has vowed to continue fighting against the state and to take his case all the way to the Kansas’ highest court.

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