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Baltimore County Divorce Lawyers Discuss Length of Divorce Process

How Long does it take to get Divorced in Maryland?

There is no simple and easy answer to this question, one which we are asked very frequently. There are some grounds for divorce, such as adultery, that do not require a “waiting period.” If someone has proof that their spouse has committed adultery, then a divorce action can be immediately filed. If contested, it may take 8-12 months for that case to be concluded.

However, most cases in Maryland proceed under the grounds of a twelve month separation of the parties. The husband and wife have to live separate and apart, without an intimate physical relationship, continuously for twelve months. Once that twelve month period has concluded, either spouse can file for divorce. In Baltimore County, the process for conducting a contested divorce takes approximately 8-12 months, which means that the combined time until the divorce is actually concluded could be as long as two years from the date the parties separated. A contested case is expensive, stressful and time consuming. You certainly need legal assistance in conducting and presenting all the evidence needed to both obtain the divorce and resolve all the issues relating to any children as well as marital property.

However, there is another option. The parties can resolve all the issues relating to the marriage through a marital settlement agreement. They can decide not only issues relating to custody and child access, but also alimony, marital property, the marital home, and any other significant issue. Once all the issues are resolved by agreement, the parties can then proceed on an “uncontested” divorce. The process for that is simple, quick (often less than 90 days) and relatively inexpensive. That can result in a real time saving for the couple, as well as avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and expense.

Whether your case is contested, or you wish to try to resolve the issues through a settlement agreement with your spouse, you need competent legal advice to help you to understand Maryland divorce laws, and to properly evaluate the complicated issues involved.  Baltimore County divorce lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles serve clients throughout the greater Baltimore area including those in Baltimore County, Harford County and Howard County as well as residents of Towson, Bel Air, Columbia, Westminster and Essex.  To schedule your free confidential consultation today, call us at (443) 589-0150 or submit an online inquiry form.


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