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Baltimore Divorce Lawyers: Age Difference between Spouses Impacts Likelihood of Divorce

There are numerous variables which can predict if a marriage is destined for divorce.  Among these factors are income levels, having children and the amount of time a couple spends together prior to getting married. A recent study compiled data from over 3,000 married and divorced couples which showed that the age difference between the individuals getting married can also predict the likelihood of whether or not the marriage will last or end in divorce.

The study found that the larger the age gap was between the couple, the greater the chance the marriage has of ending in divorce. The research looked at several age intervals and how the number of years between partners increased the rate of divorce.

All age gaps were compared against couples who were the same age.  The study results showed that couples with a one year age difference have a three percent greater chance of divorce compared to individuals of the same age.  Couples who have a five year age difference have an 18% chance of divorcing, and the likelihood of divorce increases by 39% for couples who have an age difference of ten years. Alarmingly, divorce is 95% more likely for couples with a 20 year age difference, and when there is a 30 year age difference this increases to a 172 % chance of divorce.

Couples who are closer in age have a lesser chance of getting divorced than those who marry someone who is much younger or older than themselves.  Researchers suggest that individuals who are close in age come from the same generation which provides a strong foundation upon which to build a strong marriage.  People closer in age share similar cultural reference points and life experiences and will be going through life milestones at the same time. According to the findings of this study, marrying someone your own age gives you the best chance of avoiding divorce.

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