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Baltimore County Family Law Attorneys Answer the Question: How Should I Select My Divorce Attorney?

This is certainly a very personal question.  There is nothing more stressful than the divorce process.  For that reason, it is very important to select the attorney who fits your needs most closely. Some clients find their attorneys through an online search, or by reviewing ratings on legal directories.  Others chose a divorce lawyer based on a recommendation from a friend or family member.  Given the significance of the decision, we recommend that you carefully evaluate your choice of an attorney, as there is so much at stake, both emotionally and financially.  These are some of the criteria that should be considered:


Divorce attorneys bill their time on an hourly basis.  For that reason, it is worthy to consider the hourly rate the attorney charges.  However, one caution in this area- the hourly rate is not necessarily reflective of the true costs.  Some attorneys work more efficiently and provide significantly better service for the hour and will therefore provide their services in a more cost-efficient fashion, even if their stated rate is higher.

Reputation and Experience

Nothing is much more valuable to consider than the attorney’s reputation and experience.  Given the importance of the proceedings to you, you want to select the attorney who is the most skilled and most experienced. The attorney should be able to answer your questions and handle your divorce in a knowledgeable and responsible fashion.


Each lawyer has his own style.  Some are “bulldogs;” their goal is to fight vigorously for you on every single issue, no matter the costs.  Some clients prefer this sort of an attorney; they are often angry and want to fight for their rights, regardless of the costs both emotionally and financially.  We prefer a more reasonable approach.  We recognize that the couple has been married for quite some time and often have a history together that is important on some level to both of them.  More significantly, when there are children, the father and mother will remain parents of the same children for the rest of their lives and will share together graduations, weddings, and births of grandchildren.  To the extent the divorce process can be concluded in a respectful and reasonable fashion, we believe the client’s interests are best served, emotionally and economically.  It is our goal to vigorously and effectively represent our client’s interests, but to do so in a way that is not purposely destructive or harmful to any party in the process.


Perhaps the single most important factor, in our view, is choosing a lawyer with the right personality and temperament for you.  Because the divorce is so personal, and involves so many intimate details of the client’s life, it is critical to work with an attorney with whom you are comfortable and can relate to.  The attorney-client relationship is a close one involving deep trust between the client and the attorney and that trust should be placed with an attorney with whom you are most comfortable on a personal level.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about the divorce process.  Call 443-589-0150 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our knowledgeable, experienced Baltimore County divorce lawyers.

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