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Understanding How Contingency Fees Work for a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Maryland

Often consumers do not understand how legal fees work in a personal injury case. For this reason, they may decide not to pursue a lawsuit.

Do not let a lack of knowledge cause you unnecessary financial loss. A serious injury can have long-term financial and emotional effects, and you have a right to seek fair compensation for the damages you incurred and the injuries you suffered.

Contingency fees in personal injury cases allow people who could not otherwise afford it to bring a lawsuit seeking redress for their injuries. No matter the type of injury you suffer, you have the option to proceed with bringing a lawsuit without the worry of attorney fees.

Generally, in Maryland personal injury cases, you can expect your lawyer to be paid one-third to forty percent of the settlement you receive. Should your case go to trial, your attorney may charge more, because it requires more time to mount a lawsuit. Going to trial is more expensive because of the following:

  • Legal documentation, such as pleadings and depositions
  • Travel
  • Expert testimony
  • The trial itself

It is important to understand that you pay nothing to your attorney as a fee unless you recover compensation via a judgment or settlement agreement. Most personal injury cases are settled before trial, so do not be afraid that a lengthy trial may be in your future. Speak with an attorney about whether it is advisable to bring a lawsuit for your injuries. You should be able to get a free consultation during which the attorney can examine the facts of your case.

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