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Seven Signs Your Marriage May End in Divorce

Staying together is not always the right thing for a couple to do. There may come a time when both parties need to face reality and either tackle their problems or begin the process of dissolving their relationship. Long before that time arrives, issues may arise that should be red flags that your marriage is in trouble.

Seven signs of a troubled marriage that may lead to divorce include the following:

  1. Constant criticism and arguments. Constant criticism and arguing about even the most simple of things chips away at the foundation of a marriage.
  2. Infidelity. Have you or your spouse resorted to extramarital affairs? If so, your marriage is in jeopardy.
  3. Physical abuse. No one should ever put up with any type of physical abuse. Hitting or assaulting each other is unacceptable behavior that should not be tolerated.
  4. Lack of intimate relations. Step back and think about how often you and your spouse used to be intimate, and where you are now. A complete lack of intimacy is a serious situation.
  5. Time for everything but one another. The way to shore up the walls of your marriage is to spend time together. Partners need to make time for each other or risk widening the gap between them that could eventually lead to divorce.
  6. Insulting and contemptuous comments. Treating one another with respect is a hallmark of a good marriage, and if you find yourselves constantly making nasty comments or undermining each other, your marriage is in trouble.
  7. Too much time has passed. If you find you have not addressed the problems in your marriage for a year or more, you need to admit that your marriage is in trouble and you may be headed for divorce. 

Starting the divorce process in Maryland is best accomplished with the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney.

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