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When Mechanical Defects Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

Sometimes, the cause of a serious motorcycle accident has nothing to do with the driver, the weather or even the road conditions. In some cases, a serious mechanical failure with the motorcycle itself leads to the accident.

When injuries result from accidents caused by mechanical failures, the victims still have the right to bring lawsuits for rightful compensation. But they may need to do so under a different set of laws.

What sorts of common mechanical failures can motorcycles experience?

A motorcycle contains numerous separate moving and fixed parts, any of which can lead to disaster if not properly constructed or maintained. A small sample of the mechanical defects and problems that could cause a serious motorcycle accident includes:

  • Broken or defective steering mechanisms
  • Slippage in a chain or a broken chain
  • Contaminated fuel lines
  • Broken or struck throttle
  • Worn or bad brakes
  • Corroded battery terminals and connectors

Motorcyclists are well aware of these dangers and organizations for cyclists offer even more information about potential issues.

Product liability and motorcycle crashes

Many mechanical problems with motorcycles can be detected and should be fixed by the owner. When such problems lead to accidents, the driver or owner of the bike is still the likeliest legally liable party. But if the mechanical failure resulted from a defect in design or construction, injured parties may be able to file a product liability suit against the manufacturer for damages. Only an experienced accident attorney can help determine how best to pursue compensation in your case.

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