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Baltimore County Child Custody Lawyers Explain: What is Supervised Visitation?

When one parent has residential custody of a child, the other parent has a right of visitation. Often, when that parent visits with the child, no supervision is required. But sometimes, when there is a protection or safety issue, the court may require that a neutral third party be present during the visit. That is known as supervised visitation.

The court may order supervised visitation:

  • To assist in the establishment of a parent/child relationship when the parent and child have had no prior relationship
  • To assist in the reintroduction of a parent and child after an extended absence
  • When a parent has threatened to abduct the child
  • In the event of a history or threat of domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect or drug or alcohol abuse
  • When a parent is suffering from depression or mental illness
  • Any other reason that the court finds to be in the best interest of the child

The person supervising the visitation may be agreed upon by the parents or specified by the court. He or she can be a family member, friend or a paid professional. Whoever is supervising, he or she must:

  • Be present for the entire visit
  • Listen to everything being said
  • Observe the parent and child’s behavior
  • Report suspected child abuse and terminate the visit early if necessary

Baltimore Child Custody Lawyers at Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC:  Assisting Maryland Residents with Supervised Visitations

If you need to establish or challenge supervised visitation, make sure you are well represented by an experienced Baltimore child custody lawyer who understands the law and legal procedures necessary to achieve your desired outcome.  Call Huesman, Jones & Miles, LLC today to discuss the circumstances surrounding your situation.  Call our Hunt Valley, MD office at (443) 589-0150 to schedule a free consultation with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable Baltimore County child custody lawyers or contact us online.

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