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When Cars and Trucks Collide

According to a study by AAA, car drivers are at fault more often in car-truck crashes than are the truck drivers. The study analyzed crash data in 10,000 fatal car-truck crashes and concluded that car drivers are to blame for 75 percent of the crashes, while truck drivers are responsible only 25 percent of the time.

AAA’s study stated that the majority of car-truck crashes are caused by:

  1. Failure to stay in lane
  2. Not yielding the right of way
  3. Speeding
  4. Violating signs and signals
  5. Driver inattention

The study noted that one of the biggest problems is that car drivers lack proper education about how to drive with large trucks on the road. Many people don’t know what to do around a large truck to stay safe. Here are some points that car drivers should be aware of:

  • Trucks have blind spots, too. Be cognizant of getting through the blind spot quickly and don’t hang around next to the truck, especially on the right side.
  • Trucks have longer braking distances. A large truck requires almost the whole length of a football field to come to a complete stop.
  • Trucks are less maneuverable than cars. You need to give them more room and a wider margin for error when you are driving around the truck.

These tips are all the more important because the number of trucks on the highways has increased over the past decade. If you’ve been injured in a car-truck crash, consult with an auto accident lawyer to understand your rights and how liability may impact your case.

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