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When Divorce Mediation is NOT Right for You

Divorce mediation is a great option for many couples seeking a divorce. It is a less expensive, quicker and more cordial way to dissolve a marriage. However, there are cases when mediation may not be the best option. Listed below are some examples of when it might be unwise to use mediation:

Unsure about the divorce. Because mediation ultimately results in a separation agreement, if you and your spouse are not sure you want a divorce, than mediation is not the right thing to do.

Abuse. Mediation is not recommended when there is a history of domestic violence, abuse or substance abuse by one or both spouses.

Unwillingness to work together. If one or both spouses refuse to cooperate, than mediation will not work effectively.

Can’t be present. Both spouses are expected to be present throughout the mediation process.

Transparency. Mediators expect spouses to be honest and forthcoming when it comes to presenting various documents such as billing records, credit card statements and any other information that might be pertinent to the case.

Too complicated. If you expect your divorce to be extremely complicated in regards to financial matters, child custody and conflicts, mediation may not be the best option.

Revenge. The goal of mediation is to settle on the terms of the divorce so that both you and your spouse can move forward. If your plan is to get revenge, mediation is the wrong path.

If you are considering mediation in Maryland and have further questions, contact an experienced mediator today for a free consultation.

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