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Baltimore Child Custody Lawyers Answer the Question: Can I Lose Custody of the Children in My Divorce?

In a divorce, Maryland courts award custody of minor children according to the best interests of the children. In this spirit, if one party gets physical custody, the other party usually has visitation rights.

Judges can and should restrict access to children under certain circumstances, according to the American Bar Association (ABA) publication, A Judge’s Guide: Making Child-Centered Decisions in Custody Cases. If contact is likely to place the child in physical or emotional danger, the court can deny or restrict access. But because generally the court assumes that it is in the best interest of the child to remain in a relationship with both parents, it does try to find ways not to deny contact.

The most common situations where custody is denied or restricted occur when one partner can prove there has been domestic violence or child abuse. Most states require these to be considerations when making custody arrangements.

Since the court does usually favor maintaining relationships, however, if a way can be found to make sure the child is safe during visitations, access will usually be permitted. According to the ABA’s guidance, this usually means access to your child can be restricted or supervised in a number of ways, including:

  • Order that the exchange of the child is to occur only in certain protected settings, like a police station
  • Supervised visitation by a neutral party approved by the court (which may be done at the cost of the potentially endangering parent)
  • Require counseling for the perpetrator of violence
  • Require that the perpetrator abstain from alcohol for a certain period before and during visitation
  • Deny overnight visits

Some very contentious child custody settlements limit visitation to communication by telephone, audio or video recordings, photos, letters and other media.

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