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Towson Divorce Lawyer: What are Fault and No Fault Divorces?

Many states have done away completely with fault divorces, but not Maryland. In Maryland, a couple may dissolve their marriage by means of either a fault or a no fault divorce.

As the term suggests, a no fault divorce may be granted without either party advancing the specific grievances of a fault divorce. In fact, if a couple has split up and the two spouses have been living in separate places for at least a year, either or both of them may file for a no fault divorce.

A fault divorce, on the other hand, is usually initiated when one of the spouses is unhappy in the marriage for specific reasons that are legal grounds for a divorce. The most common reasons for filing fault divorces include:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty or excessively vicious conduct directed at the other spouse
  • Conviction of a crime
  • Insanity

Divorces based on fault are often drawn-out, bitterly contested ordeals that are costly in both financial and emotional terms, especially when they involve children. That is why many states, including Maryland, have made it easier for an unhappy couple to dissolve their marriage through a no fault divorce.

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