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The Effects of Divorce on Children

One of the most contentious issues related to divorce is the long-term effects it has on the children involved. Resolving the issues related to children — including custody, visitation and child support — is seldom easy. Family courts put a priority on protecting the well-being of children as much as possible and most parents work hard to minimize the negative effects that their divorce might have.

Does divorce have a traumatic effect on the children? One 25-year study of children from divorced homes claimed that they were more likely to experience depression, poor school performance and marriages ending in divorce. These data reinforced assumptions that divorce has a devastating impact on the children involved.

A larger, more objective longitudinal study arrived at different conclusions, however. Two years after a divorce, most parents and children had recovered from their grief and unhappiness and were well-adjusted and happier. Not all children remain unscathed. The study found that 25 percent had significant social, emotional and psychological problems, compared with 10 percent of children with parents who were not divorced.

Many factors may contribute to how a child reacts to a divorce, including age, gender, the degree of parental conflict and subsequent custodial arrangements. One of the reasons I advocate for mediated divorce when possible is to minimize the acrimony or hostility that is never in the best interests of the children. Making the well-being of children the number one priority can make it easier to arrive at the best divorce settlement possible. Do not hesitate to contact our law firm to discuss all your divorce options.

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