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Baltimore Divorce Lawyers: On Your Own

Kitchen table divorce in Maryland

Oftentimes during divorce, the emotional state of both parties dissolves right along with the marriage.  Good legal guidance is invaluable for keeping a client, or a couple, moving forward.

Acrimonious or bitter endings always call for experienced divorce counsel, but a couple splitting amicably can use a lawyer to review, finalize, and file agreements worked out between parties.

This kind of kitchen table divorce is generally the lowest conflict, least expensive route to ending a marriage.  Consider these tips:

  • Begin soon. After making the decision to divorce, begin talks while both parties want to get it over with.  When positions are not struck, and hurtful comments not logged for months, there is room to negotiate.
  • Meet regularly. Set aside specific time in a neutral setting.  Create and agree on an agenda, and set assignments for collecting information on debt, assets, and other issues.  Keep informal notes for creating agreements but do not sign them.
  • Stay cool. If arguments arise during a meeting, table the topic for another time or a different setting.
  • Children. Do not meet anywhere children are present, can interrupt, or overhear.  Consider parenting resources to help you support your children through your divorce and beyond.

If talks become counter-productive, contact us for mediation as a possible next step.  The neutrality of the mediation process provides structure, deters difficulties, and helps you on your way.  Call the Baltimore mediation lawyers at Huesman, Jones and Miles today at (443) 589-0150 to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

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