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Mediate instead of litigate

Many people own or participate in running a business—a private interest, public enterprise, or corporate concern.  Although legal disputes are an inherent part of any business environment, most people would rather spend their time and money growing their business instead of arguing about it.

Mediation is a time and money saving alternative to traditional litigation―capable of getting good results while maintaining effective trade relationships important to keeping your business healthy.

As a member of the Maryland Program for Mediator Excellence, I have conducted and attended countless mediations—both as a mediator and as attorney for clients engaged in the meditative process.

Business disputes constantly arise—like a lease or supply agreement no longer feasible in the current economic climate. While parties to onerous business agreements formerly took grievances to court, mediation is a low-cost option focused on timely solutions.  As a non-adversarial process, mediation offers the following advantages:

  • Parties discuss and create solutions closely tied to their own real needs.  Mediation often provides uniquely satisfying resolutions.
  • Mediation is low-cost and requires little preparation time. There are no court or filing costs.
  • Attorneys can be present to assist and advise clients.
  • Mediators are neutral third parties and do not decide or influence issues.  You retain the right to litigate.

Unlike the win-lose of litigation, mediation is win-win.  If you have a business or other dispute, call our office to discuss how mediation can save you time and resolve your problem.

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